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New Steve Cropper/Felix Cavaliere CD on Stax


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While I posted the other day about how odd it seems that Steve Cropper's playing with one of the versions of The Animals in the UK, I wasn't aware that he was putting out a new CD on Stax with Felix Cavaliere! (Called "Nudge It Up A Notch") It was released today - I found a copy at lunch at a Barnes & Noble, and have been listening to snippets of it this afternoon.

My initial reaction - It's much better than any of Felix's post-Rascals solo albums, with Steve's guitar and songwriting contributions, and it's also a lot better than Steve's solo LPs, since Felix can sing! Plus several very cool instrumentals. An excellent old-fashioned soul album (with the exception of one odd rap song)!!!

It appears that this is Stax's first release under the resurrected label. Jon Tiven, who's had mixed results in the past (he produced Wilson Pickett's comeback CD, "It's Harder Now") is the producer with Steve & Felix. Quite a shocker, but a pleasant and welcome one!!!

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Just listened to the whole thing twice last night....an awesome workshop on how to play tasteful, song-oriented guitar, plus concise, to the point solos!!! In addition, most of the songs are very good to boot, and Felix is in great voice!

Kinda surprised that they didn't use any horns at all. It's a 4 piece band (Steve, Felix, Shake Anderson from Curtis Mayfield's band on bass, and Chester Thompson (Zappa, John Fogerty, Genesis, Frank Black) on drums), plus a couple of backup singers. Steve takes practically all solos...just a couple of organ solos by Felix.

All songs collaboratively written - Cropper, Cavaliere, Jon Tiven.....with Henry Gross tossing in some lyrics (!?)

Marv - It's available via Amazon.

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