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Speaking of clever parodies (and there is such a fine line between stupid and clever), I've always liked "Cheese and Onions" by the Rutles. In particular, where Neil Innes asks "Do I have to spell it out?" Whereupon he proceeds to literally spell out "Cheese and Onions".

I love that Rutles tune, too...and another dead-on, funny-as-hell Beatles parody is called "Magical Misery Tour" by the folks at National Lampoon. It came out in the early '70s and spoofed John Lennon's "primal scream" period.

My description won't do it justice, but suffice it to say that it's just about as vulgar as it is funny - and it's REALLY funny.

I was able to find it online recently after a Google search and download it...it's been out of print for years...

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