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Songs That Make You Cry


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On my list, I forgot to include EC's "I Can Remember" PLUS another pair of Beach Boys ballads (from Pet Sounds) that did wonders for my li'l daughters when they cried as infants:

* "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)" * "You Still Believe in Me"

Something about BW's voice on those songs is very soothing to fussing babies, in my experience...

Also, Kazumi, I hate to admit it here, but... I've never heard "Cindy in the Wind." From descriptions elsewhere on the site, it sounds killer, because I love "Walk Away Renee" (especially EC's version, for the honesty in his vocal). When did EC do it, and how have people been finding copies of it?


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kd lang-Orbison's "Crying".

"Since I Fell For You"-Lenny Welch.

"Brooklyn Roads"-Neil Diamond.

"Love and Mercy'-Brian Wilson.-I'll never forget hearing those first notes come out of the mouth of that "Sleeping Giant".When I first popped that "TAPE" into my car and heard Brian emerge from a virtual coma to open his long rumored solo album with this plaintive yet extremely "hooky" cry for understanding for himself and for the world I broke down.-Ira.

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The Eagles-"Desperado"

Raspberries-"Starting Over"

Christopher Cross-"Think of Laura"

Kansas-"People of the south wind"

The Hollies-"He ain't heavy, he's my brother"

The Eagles-"The sad cafe"

Gin Blossoms-"'Til i hear it from you"

Toad the wet sprocket-"All i want"

Eric Carmen-"Never gonna fall in love again"

First Class-"Beach baby"

The Beach Boys-"The warmth of the sun"

Journey-"Still they ride"

that's the short list...i could go on and on.

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the thing about Dickey Lee...all through his career...he kept coming back to the same theme...death...even in the twilight of his hitmaking career he was still mining that vein successfully...two of his hits from the mid 70's continued his string of love songs and death...ROCKY and ANGELS, ROSES AND RAIN...after playing them, i later found PATCHES...recorded years earlier...with the same tragic theme.

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Darlene, a little off topic, but...if you think Sergei Grinkov's tribute show was a tearjerker, you should have seen the first Stars on Ice show the cast had to perform without him--the season premiere. I went up to Placid just for that show...somehow I felt I should be there.

Normally, you go to an ice show, you see smiling skaters ready to perform for you. That day, I saw skaters standing there hand in hand, tears in their eyes, in the very first number. The music of the opening number hadn't been edited to remove the parts where he and Katia would have skated--they had left it as it was, and just kept that, with a spotlight on the ic while everyone stood still. And then at the point where they would have skated their solo, the music was played that they would have skated to. Scott Hamilton said "Close your eyes and imagine them skating." Damn. (I recall it as part of the Grieg Piano Concerto in A.)

Then, at the end of the show that season, there was a finale set to Beatles music--group and solo. Again, their music had been left in it. And when it played, I just about lost it yet. What were they going to skate to? McCartney. "And when I go away/I know my heart can stay with my love..."

Nobody planned on THAT song being so prophetic.

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bahoodore-You did good."You Don't Know Me"-the ultimate I'm a friend and I'd like to be more song."I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"-did you ever hear B.J. Thomas version of what I'm pretty sure is originally a Hank Williams Song -and when you think of the pain he was in-this song can rip your heart out.In my humble opinion you did real good.-Ira.

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