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REO Speedwagon/Boston Show


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I went to Jones Beach Theatre last night to see REO Speedwagon and Boston.

After the rain stopped (Yes, it POURED and delayed the show about 45 minutes), REO Speedwagon started it off. I had never seen them perform before and I was only familiar with their more mellow type songs. Well let me tell you……these guys ROCKED!! What electricity!! What energy !!Kevin Cronin was absolutely flawless !! He was bouncing around the stage with so much energy that made it hard to stay in your seat !! The bass guitarist, Bruce Hall….well ladies, let me tell you.....he is one FINE specimen of a man !! He could pluck my strings anytime !! There was a lot of audience involvement, which put the icing on the cake.

Now, on to Boston………I was always a big Boston fan but never had the chance to see them perform live. I was all set to see them on their tour last year, but unfortunately, that was squashed with the untimely passing of Brad Delp. Even though it wasn’t officially “Bostonâ€, I had to go and I’m glad I did. Tommy DeCarlo did a fantastic job with the vocals. He sounds so much like Brad Delp it was spooky. You could see he is virtually untouched by all the publicity and looks so humble. He was even signing autographs in the middle of his songs. Michael Sweet, also lead vocals, was very powerful. But he was a bit too “expressive†for me. He acts out every single word he sings and the movements about the stage and the head-thrashing was a little bit too much for me. But this guy can sing !! And Tom Scholz……absolutely fantastic !!! That distinct “Boston†sound gets right into your blood.

If there’s a show near you, I highly recommend you get there !!

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Hi ya Lady Di!! I just got my computer back from the shop...ahhhhh... Pete and I went to see Styx/Boston on Sunday night at the PNC Arts Center (we passed the exit for Sayreville with a deep sigh..)

But, as you said, what a concert! Styx was amazing - interestingly enough, they were on the smaltzy side with the acting out every word - but the music was stunning and Tommy Shaw was, well, just phenomenal.

The ironic thing? The last time I had ticket to see Styx/Boston, the drummer for Styx died the night before the concert. This time, it was so sad to see Boston take the stage without Brad Delp. I was thinking of you, Beatlejay, wishing you were with us to see the show!

The show was just wonderful. They dedicated "To Be A Man" to Brad. God, did I miss him.

"the guy we borrowed from Home Depot", Tommy Decarlo, was surprisingly great and consisent. My fear had been "well, on Youtube, he can sing like a pro but what will he sound like after 40 shows?" Well, the guy can sing his butt off like he's been there and done that. Kudos, Tommy.

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Annie, that was sweet of you to think of me, wish I coulda been there. I'm glad you and Pete had a good time. I think I picked up on a vibe though. Funny you mention 'To Be A Man', I have been listening to 'Third Stage' quite a bit lately. That's some dang big guitar sounds! Did they play 'A Man I'll Never Be'?

REO Speedwagon- Thier original drummer was Alan Gratzer. I know his son Ryan, we play pinball together every Wednesday night.

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