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"AC-DC" IS Big Business


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Me too, Captain. I like vinyl and cds. I like that they are bucking the digital trend. And they love what they're doing and not doing it out of greed.

And they do have a deal--selling through WalMart. A lot of artists are doing that these days. It obviously works for them. It's a way to wide distribution.

Great article and VERY interesting! Thanks for sharing it!

smile --Darlene

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I forgot to post on here after I saw them on October 30th. It was a great show! The new songs sounded really good live, and of course the old stuff rocked! If this tour is coming to your city, it is worth checking out.

If these links work, here are a few pictures from the show. The first one is my brother and me - I'm the one on the left.








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I went to last night's show here in NYC. I applaud them very much for still sticking around and for being one of the greats BUT with the ticket price they were charging I think we're entitled to a little more than a 1:40 show and a good quality opening act with some notoriety. Where were song's like Who Made Who and Money Talks? How about a couple rarities instead we get fed those usual standards that are sometimes tiresome hearing repeatingly. The show was very LOUD!

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John P, you just went a long way to making my case against arena shows!

Ticket prices are generally way too high, the shows are short for what you're paying, usually lousy opening acts (if there are opening acts), and, let's face it - bands/acts which play large arenas generally play their usual standards, instead of rarities....to try to appeal to the largest number of people who came. Once in a blue moon, you get an act like Springsteen or Dylan who pull out rarities or unheard-of-covers each show....but 80-85% of even those guys' sets are the same old same old.....

I'll take the Stooges or Motorhead or Brian Wilson or an act like those in a 500 to 1,000 seater any day of the week!......

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