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"AC-DC" IS Big Business


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I'm glad to see someone buck the current digital music trend. Personally, I absolutely DESPISE iTunes. I have many friends that are what I call "neuveau minimalists" who always say to me about CD's and vinyl gathering dust "you don't need all that clutter". You know somemthing, what's the big deal about buying a CD? If you get tired of it you sell it. Try selling a downloaded file.

Everyone remembers the first album they bought, nobody remembers the first song they downloaded.

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AC/DC for me is the only band to continue with a new singer and not stink. The only band that never recorded a ballad.

If I recall correctly, they are also the only major rock band that has never had keyboards on recordings(by group members or session players).

But please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Yes they never used keyboards. Malcolm said in one interview we don't like to expand, we just want to always be just guitar, bass, and drums. The only other instrument that appeared on any of their records was (!?!) bagpipes on It's a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll).

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