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"Least Favorite Favorites"


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I thought this might be fun.

What are your "Least Favorite" "HIT" songs by an artist or group you genuinely like?

Let's have some fun.-Here are some of mine.

1-"Rock And Roll Music"-I was thrilled at Brian's and the Beach Boys comeback-But I've never gotten theis version at all.

2-I LOVE the Hollies-and though I really appreciate the Pop Craftsmanship and performances on the Hollies 3 biggest hits-they were never my favorites-so ironically 3 of my least favorite Hollies songs are...

1-"He Ain't Heavy"

2-"The Air That I Breathe".

3-"Long Cool Woman".

What are some of your "Least Favorite" "Hits" by artists you truly enjoy? happy -Ira.

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Now isn't that funny Ira: I actually like what the BB's did to "Rock and Roll Music" - granted it didn't quite rock like the Beatles' version did.

One song that comes to mind right away is "I'm On Fire" by Springsteen. As much as I love Bruce, I never understood the fascination over this song. Having said that, I've heard a countrified version of the song by Big Country, and man does it ROCK!


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(early) Paul McCartney- Mary Had A Little Lamb

John Lennon- Whatever Gets You Through The Night

(early) Elton John- Honky Cat

Eagles- Hotel California, Life In The Fastlane, Heartache Tonight

Bruce Springsteen- Cover Me, Dancing In The Dark

David Bowie- Let's Dance

Kiss- Beth

Stevie Wonder- I Just Called To Say I Love You

Hollies- Carrie-Anne (despite being about Marianne Faithful... just too corny)

Elvis Presly- Return To Sender, In The Ghetto

Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Queen- Another One Bites The Dust

Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall

Bee Gees- Tragedy

Fleetwood Mac- Don't Stop

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Aw, Bessie...I LOVE "Desperado." In fact, Eric, didn't it serve as somewhat of an inspiration for "Boats Against the Current" (musically if not lyrically)?

I like it lyrically, too. I think it describes all too many guys who are out there looking for superficial qualities in women rather than seeing the qualities in them that could really quench their loneliness. (That was poetic of me, wasn't it??)

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I change the radio station when the following come on:

Yes - Changes

David Bowie - Changes

Genesis - Paperlate

Van Halen - any hit with Sammy Hagar

The Cars - Shake it up

Byrds - Tamborine man

Eagles - Life in the fast lane

Paul Mcartney - Hi Hi Hi

Rolling Stones - Undercover of the night

REM - Orange Crush, Shiny Happy Peaple

Fleetwood Mac - Dont Stop

Lionel Ritchie - Three time a lady, Dancing on the ceiling

Stevie Wonder & Paul - Ebony & Ivory

Springsteen - Pink Cadilac

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

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Personally, I dislike about 90% of all, so called, "hits" but the the ones that really make me reach for the button to change the station are:

Benny and the Jets - Elton John

Lovin' You - Minnie Screecherton (or something like that)

Horse With No Name - America

Midnight At The Oasis - Melissa Manchester

Bernie doesn't have enough bandwith for the rest.

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If I never hear any of these again, it'll be too soon:

* Anything by The Doors

* Anything by U2, post-1984 or so

* Anything Sammy Hagar ever "sang" on

* Most of Sting's solo spewing

* "Peaceful Easy Feeling," "Lyin Eyes," "One of These Nights," "Hotel California," "Witchy Woman" and a zillion other Eagles "favorites." (I'll take "Take It Easy," "Already Gone," "Desperado" and that's about it, thanks.)

And many, many more....

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I LOVE the Grass Roots-But their first 2 hits ("Let's Live For Today" and "Where Were You")-were "FAUXK ROCK" and I far prefer the "Pop" sound of "Sooner Or Later","Two Divided By Love" and their many other 60's and 70's hits.

Gotta try to get back to sleep.-Ira.

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It's probably just that "she did it" just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the album. I'd listen to Boats when I was in a kind of melancholy mood and I didn't want to hear the happiness of that song. And actually I am a Beach Boys fan-Surfs Up is one of my all time favorite albums.

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I love Styx, but Mr. Roboto is really bad as someone already pointed out. I don't like Babe either. In short, I like their earlier rockin' songs more than the later ballads. That's why the version of the band touring today is more appealing to me than Dennis DeYoung's version.

Same with REO Speedwagon...I loved the early stuff when they were a rock and roll band. R.E.O. 2 is still one of the best albums, but they started going downhill with the ballads like Time For Me To Fly or Can't Fight This Feeling.

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