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My top ten power pop songs [post 1970]......


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In no order....

'I Wanna Be With You'....Raspberries

'Places That Are Gone'....Tommy Keene

'Couldn't I Just Tell You'....Todd Rundgren

'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend'....Rubinoos

'Too Late'....The Shoes [barely edges out their 'Don't Do This To Me']

'Hanging On The Telephone'....Blondie

''When You Find Out'....The Nerves

'Baby Blue'....Badfinger

'What's My Scene'....Hoodoo Gurus

'Diane'....Material Issue

'Starry Eyes'....The Records

I could make another top with songs just as good...as I'm sure I'll be reminded of.

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I'd go with (In no order):

Go All the way - The Raspberries

Ecstacy - The Raspberries

September Gurls - Big Star

No matter what - Badfinger

Baby Blue - Badfinger

Open my eyes - Nazz

Proto-pretty - Wondermints

New mistake - Jellyfish

Very best years - The Grays

Mrs Green - The Posies

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Tonight - Raspberries

Dream All Day - Posies

High Wire Days - Tommy Keene

Surrender - Cheap Trick

Remember the Lightning - 20/20

Just a Chance - Badfinger (Baby Blue has already been picked)

A Million Miles Away - Plimsouls

Rock n Roll Girl - The Beat

Sooner or Later - Smash Palace

Am I Falling In Love Again - DL Byron

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Let us not forget these Power Pop classics:

Can't Wait / Piper

Sex Offender / Blondie

Tomorrow Night / Shoes

C'mon C'mon / Cheap Trick

Surrender / Cheap Trick

Don't Come Close / Ramones

Swallow My Pride / Ramones

Stop! WAIT a Minute / Pezband

Baby It's Cold Outside / Pezband

Close Your Eyes / Pezband

I'm On Fire / Dwight Twilley Band

Every Raspberries Song Written or co-written by Eric Carmen

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