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New York Dolls and Todd / New Dolls CD

Tim From Wisconsin

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Steve Conte's definitely still in the Dolls (and 2nd from right in photo)....I met and spoke with him last week in NYC at a Wildhearts show at the Mercury Lounge.

Besides Steve, David Jo and Syl, the other band members are: Sammy Yaffa (formerly of Hanoi Rocks) on bass (far left in photo), and Brian Delaney on drums (far right). Keyboardist Brian Koonin (formerly of Johansen's band and the Harry Smiths, David Jo's blues band) is off and on with them. The past 2 times I saw them, they were a 5 piece, sans the keyboards.

While I tend to agree that they shouldn't have gone out with the new lineup using the NY Dolls name, the current band is 10 times better than the originals ever were musically and live, even if not quite as exciting/edgy....and the comeback LP was frankly incredible, considering how long they had been away.....and with Thunders, Nolan and Killer all dead, it's not as if they consciously left out anyone.....

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Ted - Steve's also in The Contes (with John) and Crown Jewels - he sings lead in both of these bands, which I've unfortunately not seen.....nor did I ever see Company of Wolves, but I've heard from NY friends that they were great!

They certainly had an all-star NY lineup with Kyf B. and Frankie L. (whom I saw drum with David Jo....I believe Frankie passed away several years ago, heart trouble.)

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