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Top Three Pop Masterpieces No-One Ever Heard

Brian Mac

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And Cartmill finally checks in. I was beginning to think he didn't know any Pop Masterpieces since he doesn think "I Can Remember" is one:)

Pierson, WOW you actually know "Close Your Eyes" by Edward Bear? I remember putting that one on a mix tape right after "Last Song." Are you familiar with Richard X Heyman at all? Brilliant intelligent pop, you would love.

Mamacote. "Roll To Me" ain't to bad either. Great Band.

Mannoman, I always thought it was about a guy who didn't have enough money to afford a high maintenance chick. Did I miss the point?

Thanks again everybody. The Amazon damages now stand at $234.00 and counting...


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Well kudos to Brian Mac for choosing Michael Carpenter's "Kailee Ann", JohnO for Jeffrey Foskett's "Through My Window", PopDude for Chris von Sniedern's "Big White Lies", Del Amitri's "Not Where It's At", and to Skip for Dwight Twilley's "I'm On Fire" - all worthy of the title "Pop Masterpiece", and all deserving of recognition. As far as my list goes, most of these songs probably fall under the heading 'Forgotten' rather than "..Never Heard ", and maybe they're not all under the heading of "Masterpiece", but they're still worth a re-listen.

1. Day and Night - the Wackers

2. One Golden Ring - Godley & Crème

3. Ebony Eyes - Bob Welch

4. Crackerbox Palace - George Harrison

5. Eat At Home - Paul McCartney

6. Oh My Lady - Stampeders

7. Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone

8. Rubber Bullets - 10cc

9. Magic - Pilot

10. Sugar Baby Love - the Rubettes

11. Devil Woman - Cliff Richard

12. Babes On Broadway - Artful Dodger

13. Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson

14. Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind - Michael Stanley Band

15. Nothing A Little Love Won't Cure - Rubinoos

16. Deborah - Dave Edmunds

17. Love Is Gonna Come At Last - Badfinger

18. Lover's Lane - Rachel Sweet

19. Precious to Me - Phil Seymour

20. Star of My Heart - Walter Egan

21. Que to Quiero - Katrina & the Waves

22. Marie Claire - Wax

23. Only Love - the BoDeans

24. She's So Young - the Pursuit of Happiness

25. Suddenly Mary - the Posies

26. Johnny Have You Seen Her - the Rembrandts

27. December - Teenage Fan Club

28. Wanda & Duane - Marshall Crenshaw

29. In Love Without the Girl - Scott McCarl


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This thread is entitled "Top Three Pop Masterpieces No One Ever Heard". I guess you figured since you haven't posted in 10 weeks you were entitled to post 10 times as many songs. Go ahead big guy. Nice to see ya'.

P.S. Besides I know 9 of your "Masterpieces No One Ever Heard".


No One

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I'm familiar with all of Marvin's, except the Wax and Pursuit of Happiness tunes. Many of his choices were big hits overseas. BTW, Neil Jordan just used "Sugar Baby Love" in his latest film, "Breakfast on Pluto" (NOTE: Stephen Rea's in it, and there's a transvestite......seems to be a recurring theme with Neil, shades of "The Crying Game").....

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In honor of my friend Kim. who I was talking with last night....and who is Terry Adams' cousin (of NRBQ)....I'd be remiss if I didn't toss out several 'Q pop masterpieces -

I Want You Bad

I Love Her, She Loves Me

You Can't Hide

A Girl Like That

Rain At The Drive-In

etc., etc., etc.

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Marv - Thanks!...Will have to check out Wax. The last I heard from Andrew Gold, he was playing in an LA-based Byrds tribute band a couple of years ago, called Byrds Of A Feather, doing the McGuinn 12-string Rick routine. Jeff Foskett, BTW, was singing Dave Crosby's high parts and playing rhythm guitar. Pat Robinson, one of Gene Clark's old friends, was doing GC, Stephen Arti was the drummer, and I can't remember who else was in the band. They sounded exactly like the old Byrds.....

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1. Precious to Me - Phil Seymour (the other guy in the Dwight Twilley Band)

2. That's The Way Love Ought To Be - Donnie Iris (better than "Ah Leah")

3. You Do or You Don't - Lindsey Buckingham (love the little bit of "Theme From A Summer Place" he sneaks in at the end)

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JohnO I'm a big fan of Jeff Foskett and Andrew Gold and was aware of the Byrds project. I can just imagine how great they sound together, and would love to hear some of this stuff.

I don't believe that WAX have released any material since the late 1990's, possibly early 2000's. Their first album, "Magnetic Heaven" was released in the early 1990's. There was no mention on the jacket as to who "WAX" was, just a small picture of Gouldman and Gold on the back cover. Being a big fan of both artists, I had no problem identifying them and knowing the pop sensibilities that both artists had, there was no need to pre-listen this album. The musical partnership was enough to intrigue me. That first album was glorious, and it's first single, "Right Before Your Eyes", was a slice of Hall-Oates along the lines of "Maneater." The second album "American English" was, (in my opinion) quite inferior in comparison. I believe that "Magnetic Heaven" and "American English" are available in a two-pack.


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My guess would be that Pierson is familar with this act.


Being that one of my best friends is a Todd Rundgren freak (Todd prod. TPOH's debut) I caught wind of them fast... and "She's So Young" was an immediate fave... Wax i heard about through Tommy Allen...
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1. "You Came, You Saw, You Conquered" - Ronettes

2. "I Hope I Die Before You Do" - John Hoskinson

3. "That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On" - Marshall Crenshaw (from "The 9 Volt Years")

Since the Canadian dollar is still worth less than the US dollar, I'm entitled to a few Canadian Content choices too:

4. "The Earth Revolves Around You" - Ginger (faster version)

5. "You May Be Right" - Grapes of Wrath

6. "The Other Man" - Sloan

7. "The Good in Everyone" - Sloan

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Another very underrated and great pop/rock band that hasn't been listed yet - from the UK, Diesel Park West. Their singer John Butler has a killer voice. From DPW, I will toss out, IMO, their 3 best pop masterpieces -

All The Myths on Sunday, Fall To Love, and Here I Stand.

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