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Top Three Pop Masterpieces No-One Ever Heard

Brian Mac

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Ok, specific songs that are pop gems and NOT already listed above (and weren't hits, so therefore weren't too widely heard)...now, odds are, you've heard many of these, but I flunked Mindreading 101, so I don't know that for sure -

I'll Never Get Over You - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Biggest Gossip In Town - Rockin' Horse

All Rowed Out - The Eyes

St. Louis - The Easybeats

Fall On You - Moby Grape

If You Knew - Thor's Hammer

I Don't Care - Thor's Hammer

One Track Mind - The Knickerbockers

Open Up Your Door - Richard & The Young Lions

I Can't Pretend - Barracudas

I Hardly Know Her Name - The Wackers

When The Lights Go Out - Bob Segarini

Abracadabra - Blue Ash

Break The Ice - The Scruffs

All Kindsa Girls - Real Kids

Dirty Pictures - Radio Stars

From A Rabbit - Radio Stars

Starry Eyes - Roky Erickson

Too Late - The Shoes

Tomorrow Night - The Shoes

Teenage Confidential - Flamin Groovies

You Tore Me Down - Flamin Groovies

She's Gonna Two-Time - The Kaisers

Promise Me - The Kaisers

Wishing Street - The Kaisers

Things She Said - Magic Christian

No Time To Cry - Magic Christian

TV Tan - The Wildhearts

Just In Lust - The Wildhearts

So Into You - The Wildhearts

And this is just for starters..........

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Here are some more...

"Steady Thing" - David Grahame

"Go Ahead" - The Pop Art Toasters

"Happy to Be Sad" - The Beatifics

"Slip Away" - Ian Lloyd

"She's Just My Baby" - Artful Dodger

"Back of My Hand" - The Jags

"That's What Life is All About" - The Beat

"Hey, Polarity!" - Tommy Hoehn

"Beside Myself" - Greg Kihn

"If I Had You" - The Korgis

"Even Angels Fall" - Fools Face

"I Know a Secret" - The Mosquitos

"I'm Looking Through You" - Racer X

"All Kindsa Girls" - The Real Kids

"Alone With Her" - The Moberlys

"Socially" - The Sinceros

"Hard to Get" - Starclub

"Tell Me How You Feel" - Phil Keaggy

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Depending on your mood:

"Think Again" Venice

"One Last Ride On The Merry Go Round" Kyle Vincent

"For Whom The Bell Tolls" Bee Gees

"Cigarette Lighter Love Song" Butch Walker

"One Good Reason" Kyle Vincent

"Pieces Of April" Dave Loggins (remake)

"The Real Thing" Kenny Loggins

"Mindreader" Chris von Sniedern

"Travelin' Boy" Art Garfunkel

"Blue Hair" Paul Cartmill

"The Soul Survives" T-Bone Cartmill wink

Brian probably has most of these already...

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i left out canada...

1. APRIL WINE- Like A Lover Like A Song

2. PAGLIARO- Some Sing Some Dance

3. PAGLIARO- Loving You Ain't Easy

4. EDWARD BEAR- Masquerade

5. EDWARD BEAR- Close Your Eyes

6. OCTAVIAN- Round & Round

7. APRIL WINE- Cum Hear The Band

8. APRIL WINE- Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love

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I left out Japan....unfortunately, I don't have Japanese characters on my keyboard, or I'd toss out gems by Teengenerate, The Tweezers, Firestarter, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Neat Beats, Joe Alcohol & The Hong Kong Knife, The Jet Boys, and Shonen Knife.....

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