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Great Top 40-ish Songs


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Well, then we better through in Pierson's all-time fave Canadian single - Seadog's 'Holding Your Hand.' smile

In all seriousness, we both left out Craig Ruhnke's 'Summer Girl' - a sublime slice of Canadian summer pop perfection...'It was the 4th of July, when she caught my eye and smiled at me...'

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Phil-great pick-"Six Man Band"-The Association...

"I'm A California man,

My instrument in hand-I'm electrified,

On a fast flyin' trip,

Dirty laundry in my grip,

Mostly "Drip-Dry".

Do you remember them also doing ("Hello "Life") "Goodbye Columbus" from the movie?

Nice Top 40-ish tune too.-Ira.

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This is an endless list for me. Here's some from just the 1970's. Some probably hit the higher reaches of the Top 40:

1. Love Grows – Edison Lighthouse

2. It’s Ok – Beach Boys (ah…nothing beats Dennis on the tag “find a ride…â€)

3. One Bad Apple – the Osmonds

4. So You Are A Star – Hudson Brothers

5. Ride Captain Ride – Blues Image

6. What Is Life – George Harrison

7. Helen Wheels – Paul McCartney

8. Lovin’ You Ain’t So Easy – Pagliaro

9. How Do You Do – Mouth & McNeal

10. Brandy – Looking Glass

11. We’ve Got to Get It On Again – Adrissi


12. Beautiful Sunday – Daniel Boone

13. Bad Time – Grand Funk

14. Bungle In the Jungle – Jethro Tull

15. Sugar Baby Love – the Rubettes

16. Devil Woman – Cliff Richard

17. It’s A Laugh – Hall & Oates

18. Don’t Call Us – Sugarloaf

19. Couldn’t Get It Right – Climax

20. Ebony Eyes – Bob Welch

21. Thunder Island – Jay Ferguson


Sorry, Marv but according to Canadian rules, you're list has to be 1/3 Canadian.



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Well here's one that was a fair-sized hit in Canada about 12 years ago, Elvis Costello's "Veronica" (co-written by Sir Paul). I've always loved this jaunty little number and wondered why it never did better on the Charts than it did. Mind you, one of the other songs that they co-wrote, "My Brave Face", a fabulous piece of Pop, also suffered a similar fate.


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I think it's time to list some Top 40-ish Hits that hit "Closer to Home"-as great songs that I loved-and didn't hear enough as a kid.

1-""Change Of Heart"-Eric Carmen.

2-"Boats Against The Current"-Eric Carmen.

3-"She Did It"-Eric Carmen.

4-"Sunrise"-Eric Carmen.

5-"I Wanna take Forever Tonight"-Peter Cetera and Crystal Bernard.-Written by Eric Carmen.

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I'm absolutely certain Marv,that they sadly did not get the play they deserved-and certainly were never in heavy "Oldies" rotation here in the Northeast.

When I got Eric's "Definitive Collection"-I was in heaven-finally putting them in my own personal "Heavy Rotation".

Marvin-I probably should know this.

Wasn't the group-"The Stampeders" from "Calgary"-and I believe on the 14 song "Who" Concert from "Calgary" on AOL.com-I thought Townsend referred to a "stampede.

What is the connection between "Calgary" and "stampedes"-if indeed the info in the question I asked was accurate.-Ira.

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Ira I've only been in Calgary for 8 years. Previous to that, I was an easterner - Montreal to be exact.

The Stampeders are in fact from Calgary. In the summer, there is 10 day exhibition of rodeo and western events, called the "Calgary Stampede." It is billed as the "World's Greatest Outdoor Show", and is quite reknown and attended by millions every year. There are also many top-level concert acts that perform during the 10 days. This year the Stampede celebrated it's 115th anniversary. If you're into the whole western thing, it's for you.


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