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Marv, are you a member there as well? I am, but haven't posted there in ages. I love the fact that they allow you to download that stuff there for free. That's where I found there only non-album B-side "Get you in the mood", and both of Henley's and Frey's pre-Eagles albums "Shilo" and "Longbranch Pennywhistle". It is amazing that "How Long" was never recorded, or even this live version wasn't released on at least thier boxset. Sometimes I think some artisrs are thier own worst judges of thier own material. Go figure...


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Don Henley played a solo show in Palm Springs last night. Here was the set list:

1. Dirty Laundry

2. Sunset Grill

3. Witchy Woman

4. New York Minute

5. Everything is Different Now

6. Last Worthless Evening

7. One of These Nights

8. The End of the Innocence

9. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears For Fears)

10. Heart of the Matter

11. Boys of Summer

12. All She Wants To Do Is Dance

13. Life in the Fast lane

14. I Will Not Go Quietly

15. Hotel California

16. Desperado


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There's a great article/interview with Don in the LA Times


Here are some key points:


HENLEY: “Wal-Mart will have an exclusive on the new album for the first year,"

Wal-Mart deal offered a promising escape route for Henley and his band mates; they have no traditional record label deal, and, after watching the file-sharing websites rise to power, they were open to any path to keep their connection with fans.

"This is the world we live in," Henley said. Then, with a chuckle, he added: "In the big picture, they can't be any more evil than a major record label."

"Yeah, anything to stay away from those legal pads," he said, referring to the unfinished lyrics for "Long Road Out of Eden," the title track to that new Eagles studio CD, which, come to think of it, will be the first Eagles studio CD given that "The Long Run" was released in the vinyl days of the Carter administration.

The album, he said, is due to Wal-Mart "in the next 60 to 90 days," but the real deadline on Henley's mind is the tour that will follow.

"We're inching our way toward some kind of completion here on the album, and we hope to get it out in time to hit the road this summer. We believe we've got one more world tour in us, and then that'd be about it. We might just ride off into that old sunset."

The prospect that this might be the last Eagles hurrah had Henley in a somewhat reflective mood. The band has always had sweet harmonies on stage, but that has always been a rich irony for anyone who watched their dressing room brawls. Henley said a détente has been reached.

"Incidents still happen on tour, but we don't let it get in the way of the performance. That's something you learn to do over a long span of years." Or, you don't — "The key to being on the road is to try to keep two things: Your sense of humor and your sense of gratitude."

"We are approaching 60," he said. "Tours used to be mentally challenging. Now they are mentally and physically challenging."

And that backstage debauchery? The man who sang "Life in the Fast Lane" said those days are long gone.

"The kind of partying we used to do, well that's been a thing of the past for some time," he said. "Spare me the 'Behind the Music' stuff. You won't see that at our shows. It's like a morgue backstage."

The band heard many cynical attacks last year when they signed a deal with Wal-Mart, the world's largest company, which has been steadily criticized as a massive engine of social and environmental harm.

"It's easy to sit outside on the sidelines and throw rocks when you don't know what's going on, but if you're going to change corporate America, then we have to get down in the dirt with them," Henley said.

Still, in the bargain Wal-Mart gets a cranky star promising to keep an eye on the promises made ("I will be watchful.") and to make a stink if they don't come through ("You can always get a divorce.")

The album that Wal-Mart will be getting won't be the predictably neutral material it always got from its other corporate troubadour, Garth Brooks. Henley said the lyrics are laced with dark humor and war protest.

The title track is "about the war in Iraq and the evolution of man." Listening to himself, he chuckled. "It's not a fluffy little tune ... there's a portion of a song you can dance to." He waited a beat and asked for a favor: "Put a 'ha-ha' in there after that, OK?"

It's not that Henley isn't funny, it's just that people are so accustomed to his serious mode that the jokes can slip by. Henley seems torn at times between his impulses to provoke and preach and the entertainer's natural imperative to please a crowd; it's hard to dig in your heels and bow at the same time.

Henley seems to be surprisingly anxious about the new music, which is endearing, and ready to fight all the old battles one more time, which is inspiring. It's a good mix just as long as things don't blow up.

"There are big, important global things and the mundane problems of everyday existence, and everything in between," the singer said.

"Grace in all of them would be good.“



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I saw another Eagles cover band last night, "Hotel California." For four guys, they had the licks and vocals down pat. I must add that the drummer/vocalist was phenomenal. Don Henley has a superior voice and this drummer was able to copy it to a tee. He had people in awe with both his singing and playing.


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Without reading the article......is this claim based on either (1) pounds of cocaine snorted and/or freebase smoked over the years per band member, or (2) number of underage groupies used, abused and discarded per band member? If so, then they very well may be #1!

(NOTE: Luminaries such as Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Sid Vicious, Keith Moon, and a particular member of the Ramones likely spent a far greater % of their earnings on drugs, but, as their earnings were one-millionth of those of The Eagles, they are left in the dust....(also, they didn't live as long!))

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Thats one of the best articles Ive ever read on Ad Hoc Band. I think it appeared in Ice Hockey Digest in 2005. The article captures their early turbulent years in Moose Jaw, their growth years playing the seedy bars of Sault St. Marie and how the band was evenutally destroyed by the women they took up with. It's clear that Derek, Tidge, Marv, and Bucky , those four lovable mop tops from the Western provinces, were amongst the best bands Canada had to offer. I never cared for their music after the drugs took them over though. Some consider " Mr. Mountie's Lovely Molson Band" a classic but its a little ethereal for my tastes.

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Another classic post by Raspberrywine...I love his stuff...a fertile mind he does have!

And Marvin, you can't go yet. Otherwise I'll be the only one left here that wasn't in love with "Winter Dreams"...and my music education will suffer with you not here...and I won't have any Canadians to feel superior to..


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