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Latest Ray Davies Mini-Tour


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For Ray's latest 12 show tour of the US, from 11/28 to 12/13, he's being backed by the Brooklyn-based 4 piece band of twenty-somethings, Locksley, instead of his regular touring band. I've heard these kids, who also play an opening set themselves, have really energized Ray.

They put out an excellent 2nd CD last year, "Don't Make Me Wait," which sold out its first pressing, and has just been re-released with additional/bonus songs. I'll be seeing Ray & Locksley next Monday at the 930 Club.......will report back later.

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Locksley backing Ray D. was somewhat of a disappointment! They only got to play 3 songs with him, at the very end of his set Sunday night. He had already played a 90 minute acoustic set with just another guitarist (Irish guy whose name eludes me), and ended the show playing "You Really Got Me", "Til The End Of The Day" and "Lola" with the band.

Locksley's opening set was very impressive, though! One of the highlights was a cover of the Small Faces' "Whatcha Gonna Do About It?", with all 3 of their singers taking a verse - and each of them doing a very credible Steve Marriott impersonation!

A video below of one of their tunes from the debut CD....endorsed by ray Davies -


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