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A "Win" For The Old Guys.


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I remember with the "Star Trek" theatrical movies-they ALL opened to big box office numbers 'cause the "Trekkies" all rushed out to see them in the first week.

A few-like "The Wrath Of Kahn" continued to do big business for weeks-'cause they were so good that the general public came to see them too-while other "Trek" films dropped like a stone after the initial rush of devotees.

Well-"Tony Benett's Duets"-a "Joyful Noise"-IMHO- is still the number 9 album after 4 weeks while "Janet Jackson" already drops to #28 after the same 4 weeks.

Likewise "Dylan" is "GOLD"and is #39 after 8 full weeks-(2 Months!) and "Seger" is #27 after 6 strong weeks!

Like fine wine-age CAN mean quality.

Thought this "Old Guy" would share this week's "Billboard" news with you.

Gotta go-I'm almost done downloading "Diddy".-Ira.

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Springsteen's "Rising" disc entered the charts at #1, his "Seger Sessions" disc entered in the top 10 and has since gone platinum. Dylan still has a truckload of fans, and Seger's fans have been waiting 11 years for a new release. So some of these 'old guys' still have a truckload of fans eager to purchase product. If the Eagles ever deliver that long-promised new disc, it'll enter the charts at #1. You heard it hear first.


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AOL.com has a 14 song concert selected from a recent "Who" performance in Calgary-and these "Old Guys" sing and play pretty damn good.

I really recommend that you sit in your computer chair for the next hour and 10 minutes and enjoy.

This next one-I'm almost afraid to post due to it's major "Unhip Factor".I just watched a 2005 concert by Engelbert Humperdinck on PBS.I always liked "After The Lovin'" and "Last Waltz" -and I have never claimed that my musical tastes did not include some major "Schmaltz".(Corny stuff.)

But I gotta tell ya-this "Old Guy"-whose age they gave as 70-can REALLY sing.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for one of the last Pop Crooners-catch this special.No kidding.-Ira.

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A Big "Win" for a Rock Icon.

Chuck Berry-A testimony to "Clean Living"(?) and "Virtue"-nevertheless (And God Bless this "Father of Rock and Roll)celebrated his 80th! Birthday at a club in his native St. Louis on October 18th of this year.....

"Which goes to show you never can tell"!

May you rock till you're 120!-Ira.

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Bob Barker announced that he will be retiring after 35 years as host of "The Price Is Right" in June 2007.

According to CNN Online-Barker's TV career began with his hosting of "Truth Or Consequences" which ran from 1956 to 1975.

This means-that with Barker's "Price" beginning in 1972-and these two game shows overlapping-"Barker" has been on TV for 50 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!

.....Longer by far than most people work at "NORMAL" mundane jobs like postal worker,teacher, doctor or lawyer.

That is Un-f-in'believable.

50 years of "Plinko" and "Consequences".

Congratulations Bob king .

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A Good week For The "Old Guys" (And Gals.)

1-Barry Manilow sells 202,000 copies of "The Greatest Songs Of The Sixties"-to finish at #2 on Billboard's Chart.

2-The "Who" debut at #7-their best showing since 1981-when "Face Dances" started at #4.

3-Bob Seger is already Gold.

4-Marianne Faithful appears to now have a clean bill of health after a bout with Breast Cancer.

And finally #5

-This delightfully honest response-from Phil Collins- to questions about the "Genesis Reunion Tour"-being financially motivated....

"If money was the issue-we'd be doing more than 20 shows.

We're all loaded enough not to worry about where the next million is coming from. To satisfy the demand-that I suspect is out there-we'd be doing multiple dates in stadiums across the world".

Phil-All I gotta say is-"Nice Work If You Can Get It"-God Bless you Phil-We should all get to the point that we go to work because we want to-Not because we have to.-Ira. LuvLove

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Gord-I was always terrible at "The Price Is Right".

All the prices were retail.

I like wouldn't even know that "Chips Ahoy" go for $3.75 retail...since I try to get everything on sale.

I also was sure that if I was on that show-I would've won like a riding mower or a Sunfish sailboat-both completely useless on the streets of Brooklyn when I was growing up and watching "Price".-Ira.

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On this thread I generally am psyched about victories for all the "Old Guys" we grew up with...BUT...even I have my biases.

I am thrilled that in this holiday buying season Tony Bennett has re-risen and now sits at #12 on Billboard with platinum sales after 12! weeks.

I am thrilled that Bob Seger has gone platinum with a sincere "Rock" effort...while Rod Stewart's cynical cover album of rock classics is only "gold" and a bit stagnant.-Ira.

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Ira you might want to add these 'old guys' to your list. This is from Billboard's "Ringtone Charts":

1. Jingle Bells - Perry Como

2. We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Perry Como

3. You're A Mean One Mr Grinch - Boris Karloff

7. Pink Panther - Henry Mancini

14. Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

15. Frosty the Snowman - Jimmy Durante

35. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Perry Como


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Marvin-Perry Como-though well known-kinda flies under the radar-as one of the most beloved singers of all time.

And his "And I Love You So" must rank as The "BEST" version of a song from the Rock and Roll era covered by a "50's Standards Guy"-as opposed to SUCH FAMOUS FIASCOS as "Mr. Bojangles" by Sammy Davis Jr. or (Shudder!)-"Bad Bad Leroy Brown" by Frank Sinatra.-Ira.

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