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McCartney sound check video


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There is a video of Paul McCartney doing a sound check at the Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami. He and his band are performing "Please Please Me" which Paul states in an intro they have not done in concert in many years.

go to :


It will either be right there ready to go or enter in the first search rectangle "books" then type "high in the clouds" in the next one. When it comes up, then click on it. (This is his recent new children's book). You cannot miss it and the video is very good!


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Go to the "community" message board and scroll down to about the 20th one. It is titled "Please Please Me - video". Then click on Marv's first post and that will take you to a book by Sir Paul....but just below it you will see the video. Play it. It is worth the effort.


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