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The Click Five: "New School Power Pop"


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Just came across this young new band called "The Click Five." Billed as "new school power pop" (ugh--there's that word again!)--the group is making a splash on MTV with a semi-snappy tune called "Just The Girl"

That song has a decidedly 'Cars meets Hanson' vibe (and also sounds just like "Stacey's Mom")--all which belie the Beatle haircuts and matching suits image they're trying to push out there. Note also the black and white album cover--(hey, at least it wasn't called "Meet The Click Five"--ha!).

The group's home page is OK--you can hear the full "Just The Girl" song--but their bio page at Atlantic Records is better for bio info and stuff.

They have some fans from the big-time--Adam Schlessinger (Fountains of Wayne and "That Thing You Do!" writer) wrote some of the songs; Paul Stanley contributed a song; and Elliot Easton plays lead on one of the tunes; and no surprise--they're produced by Mike Denneen (Fountains of Wayne producer).

Having said that--they sure could've used some help from 'our kid' Eric.



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"That Thing You Do" movie is a fav of mine and of course it's about a fictional band from here in Erie (5 minutes away). When I realized that the title song was by Schlessinger, I started listening to TFOW, but they don't have me "hooked". Unlike Beatles & Berries, where I would buy any album without previewing it first, I find my self liking very few songs by Fountains. I've listened to 3 cuts of C5 & like them all. I may have to buy this one!

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Since I had posted in this thread, two of my daughters have seen the band twice. They tell me the girls just go nuts for these guys!

They also mentioned that they have met them twice at free meet and greets after the shows (once backing up the Backstreet Boys and again backing up Ryan Cabrera) and the group members are very willing to chat with fans, sign things, and take photos. They personalize every autograph and three of them sang a quick Happy Birthday to one of my girls, when the other one mentioned her birthday.

They never take off those black suits, though, even after the shows.

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the Click Five are lacking something... as much as it's refreshing to see "guitar" based melodic pop/rock (aka power pop), their manufactured looks and overproduced (i.e. pro-tooled vocals) sound doesn't win thewm any points... even Adam's songs sound like they were phoned in-- very by-the-numbers... little deeply felt inspiration (something which the 'Berries always had)...

they don't hold a candle to other bands doing it in much more sincere fashion: see Lovetap (lovetapmusic.com) or anything on Myracle Brah's "Bleeder" CD.....

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Blackhawkpat ~ your story reminded me of when I went with my sister to see The Stylistics. The main venue where we see most of our gigs, has a table set up in the foyer for the band(s)/artist to sign programmes, etc. It was my sister’s birthday the day we went to see The Stylistics and I mentioned this to them for something to say (as they didn’t make me nervous as some people can) while my sister was getting their autograph. They suddenly broke into ‘Happy Birthday To You’ with fantastic harmonies and everyone around stood and listened and gave cheers and a round of applause. She was really embarrassed, but she loved it. She’s impressed with The Stylistics even more now.

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