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Concerts I Saw In 2006


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The Casting Crowns are amazing live. Mark Hall's voice is very powerful and the drummer is terrific. My daughter and I met them afterwards and they are all wonderful people, too. They made her feel very welcome and spent quite a bit of time chatting with us and took a picture with her. They recently released a live CD/DVD that sells for only about ten bucks at most places and it is fantastic! Mark is someone I could listen to singing or speaking all day long.

The first time I saw Mercy Me, they were unplugged and Bart Millard could still belt it out with authority. It was a very small setting and it was like having them in your living room. Tunes like "I Can Only Imagine" sounded absolutely beautiful and even rockers like "So Long Self" and "In The Blink Of An Eye" came out strong acoustically, proving that a great song is simply a great song no matter how it is played. Again, we were fortunate enough to meet them afterwards and Bart took a photo with her. Great people!

The seoond time we saw them was in a large concert arena and they just rocked out! Bart tells a lot of funny stories about the group coming up and it was awesome to hear that they remember where they came from. In fact, Audio Adreneline was one of the first big Christian groups and Mercy Me used to back them up.

Because of the respect that MM has for AA, it is now reversed, but Mercy Me wanted to be part of AA's last tour, so they took them with them. (The singer in AA has throat cancer and they wanted to give their fans a goodbye.) They even do an AA song as a tribute in their act. The tour wraps up soon with a week in Hawaii together.

I think the key to both bands is that they each have superior lead singers with unique and very different voices and both groups have extremely dynamic drummers.

You really feel you got your money's worth after each show.

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As a long time Ska/Rock Steady/Reggae 'follower'...these 2 guys are legends. cool

I knew a guy that fronted a ska band... he used to play the Toasters and Skatalites quite a bit and I liked it... Ska is one of the many peripheral genres that I have to admit I am woefully unrepresented in my collection....
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