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Has anyone heard of this new British band called "The Feeling"? Apparently they're the latest UK flavor of the month, having hit the top of the charts with their first 5 singles. Our local newspaper reviewed their release "12 Stops and More", and gave it 4 stars. The band makes no bones about their unabashed love for melodic/pop music, influences range from McCartney to Queen to Hall & Oates. There is one song, "Sewn", on their website for listening, and it sounded good to me. Julia & Stevie, if you're reading, maybe you can enlighten me. Everyone else, let me know what you think:



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Bought their disc last summer as an import from the UK. It's now available in the US (finally). I hear 10cc, Supertramp, Jellyfish, and all sorts of really nice melodic pop influences in their music. Well-written, clever arrangements, and great vocal harmonies. One of my favorites from last year, now hopefully one of yours for this year!


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I saw "The Feeling" at the Diana Concert a few weeks ago. They had an incredibly catchy pop song called "Love it when you call", so I took a chance and bought the album "Twelve Stops and Home".

The song was even better on CD - shades of "I Wanna Be With You", in my opinion. And yes, there is definitely a Supertramp element there. There isn't anything terribly "RAWK" about the band; it's more power pop and Britpop. The band makes no attempt to hide their Britishness, nor do they really try to exorcise their teenage demons or any other angst. I think I read somewhere that they just want to write pop hits. Fair enough - the same sentiment as "Overnight Sensation". Overall, it's an enjoyable listen but critics are restrained. After all, it's hardly primal scream therapy. Rock criticism is often a farce, anyway.

If you're a Raspberries/power pop fan who hasn't bought new music in years, this is probably a safe bet. Incidentally, the amazon.ca review says they would be good for fans of the Raspberries and Jellyfish.

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