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It Coulda' Been The Beach Boys


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"PS: What ever happened to First Class???"

Steve-O - I could be wrong, but I don't believe First Class ever really existed, at least for any length of time, outside the recording studio. They were a combination of UK studio musicians, with Tony Burrows (also of Brotherhood of Man, Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, etc.) on lead vocals. They may very well have played some live shows, but they were essentially a studio creation. One of their guitarists, Spencer James, took Mike Pender's place in The Searchers about 20 years ago, and he's still with the band. They perform "Beach Baby" live to this day, with Spencer on lead vocals, as a tribute to his old "band".

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definitley check these out..

Chris Rainbow- On My Way

High Llamas- Gideon Gaye (LP)

definitely Wondermints' version of "Guess I'm Dumb" is godhead....

as is Darian's single "Do You Have Any Regrets" which is a cover of a Brian Wilson song that was on the unreleased follow-up to "Brian Wilson" called "Sweet Insanity"


Shaun Cassidy's "It's Like Heaven" (penned by Brian Wilson)

Flo & Eddie- "Keep It Warm"

AND THE MOST OBVIOUS BLATANT OMISSION SO FAR (Eric was keeping quiet on this one...)


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Pat I've got the High Llamas cd as well as Shaun's "It's Like Heaven" and the Wondermints' "Guess I'm Dumb." What I don't have is Chris Rainbow, although if my memory serves me correctly, last year prior to the 2nd NYK show and on the way from NYC to Bernie's place for WAB, fellow board member Jeff Harris was playing Chris Rainbow's stuff in the car.

Don't know how I missed "My Girl" especially considering I listed "Last Night" from the first EC album.


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