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It Coulda' Been The Beach Boys


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So here's where you can list songs that either sound like the Beach Boys, featured the Beach Boys, or was tailor-made for the Boys to record. I'll start if off with:

1. "Cruisin' Music" - Raspberries

2. "Someday" - Eric

3. "Hey Deanie" - Eric

4. "She Did It" - Eric

5. "Last Night" - Eric

6. "Beach Boy Blood In My Veins" - Dave Edmunds


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Marvin, you beat me to it! Same songs, too, although I'd add "Drivin' Around" (in honor of my daughter, who still sings, "Long hot days we'll be catchin' the raisins").

Also, I'd mention Lindsey Buckingham's Go Insane album.... A number of the tracks --- including "Bang the Drum" and "Play in the Rain" --- sound like the Beach Boys (or, I should say, the Beach Boys gone mad).

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1-Rock and Roll Lullaby-(I still don't know who sang with B.J. on that record.)

2-Sidewalk Surfin'-(Which IS Catch A Wave with different lyrics.)

3-Little GTO-Ronnie And The Daytonas-(although the falsetto could not compare.)

4-Almost Summer-Mike Love in a spinoff group for a soundtrack of movie of same name.Group was called "Celebration".

5-"New Girl In School"-Jan and Dean-I'm certain I saw Brian play a teacher on an episode of TBS's "New Leave It To Beaver" years ago which featured this great Pop song-which I think he wrote.

Anyone know more about this memory?-Ira.

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Woah Danmichael, you KNOW "Did You Boogie..."? I have it on 45 and it is one of my all-time faves.

Here's some more:

1. "Summer Girl" - Craig Runhke (Canadian singer)

2. "Help Me Rhonda" - Johnny Rivers (the BB's are singing back-up on this one)

3. "California Girls" - David Lee Roth (same as above)

4. "Sugar Baby Love" - Rubettes


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