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Matthew Fisher


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Yes, you're thinking about the album 'Strange Days' which is a very good album,however his best solo works are the other two..

I'll Be There ..the best song on that album is 'Took the Easy Way Out'

and his other album, his first, was 'Journey's End' which is absolutely terrific. He writes that he was very much John Lennon influenced.

If you don't know who he is i'll tell you.

He is famous for his Hammond Organ work on 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'

Matthew was the organist/keyboard player for Procol Harum.

He had a very bitter breakup with the band, expecially with Gary Brooker, who he sued for co-rights of that song. He won the suit after years and years, but the Judge only awarded him half the writing credit yet Brooker remains 100% on all royalties..go figure.

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And oddly enough, while the suit against Brooker did, indeed, take several years to settle, and Fisher had harbored ill feelings about it for decades....it didn't stop him from rejoining Procol Harum several times and touring with them, most recently in 2003, in support of their "The Well's On Fire" CD.

I saw them at the Birchmere, and Matthew was in an incredibly vile mood the entire show, glaring at the soundman several times. When Gary introduced the band late in the show, he borrowed the old Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band line, saying "on organ, tonight, we have Adolf Hitler!", which just got a nasty glare from MF. I think he quit the band for good in '04, then sued shortly thereafter.

The most recent split of songwriting credit/royalties, BTW, was the result of the Brooker's appeal after the initial ruling, which had granted Fisher 40% of the copyright & royalties, not 50%, which he had asked for. I think Matthew's claim has always been, at best, questionable.

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And BTW...Matthew has more than just 2 solo albums. He also recorded "A Salty Dog Returns" an album of instrumentals on a little obscure label for Mike Ober in the early 90's, as well as "A Light Went Out in New York" with The Downliners Sect (with whom he briefly played prior to his Procol Harum days), and on at least one of Ober's British Invasion All-Stars albums (with Ray Phillips of the Nashville Teens, Eddie Phillips of The Creation, Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds, and Don Craine/Keith Grant of The Downliners Sect).

Matthew also produced several of Robin Trower's albums, notably "Bridge of Sighs," his most successful one.

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