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Billy K.

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Anyone enjoy David Bowie's music? In all honesty,

it took me a while to warm up to him. After all, in those days, he was a bit of a freak show.

But after getting over that hurdle, it's "hey, this guy's really talented!"

He's done some incredible stuff over the years..

...collaborations(i.e."Under Pressure"),submitted

songs to other artists(i.e. "All The Young Dudes")

, and a wide range of covers done of his songs--

from Barbra Streisand("Life on Mars") to Nirvana("The Man Who Sold The World")

I'd admired Bowie's artistic integrity, but at the same time, also having the ability to write radio-ready hits. And re-inventing his style constantly(perhaps even more than Madonna).

However, I kind of lost interest in Bowie when he did those dreadful albums with Tin Machine.

So, what's he doing these days? And what's your take, as individuals, on Bowie's Music

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My enjoyment of Bowie took a while to grow as well. He was just too "out there" for me during his Diamnd Dog/Jean Genie Days. After that though, I enjoyed his music quite a bit. I even saw his show (Probably the "Let's Dance" tour) at Madison Sq. Garden.

A couple of years back "I'm Afraid of Americans" made a splash for him. I think he was working with Nine Inch nails at the time. He certainly knew how to reinvent himself throughout his long career.

He also raised $50 Million in "Rocker Bonds" which were backed by his future royalties. He might've been the first rocker to do that. No doubt he's sitting on his cash and loving life with his wife Iman!

Looks like Ziggy played guitar AND Wall Street!


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Angelina, the same company that was doing the Bowie bonds, also did some similarly to some of the Motown artists, at about the same time.

Some of you may or may not know this, but Peter Frampton's dad was Bowie's industrial arts(shop)

teacher in high school, and Peter also was also a student at the same school.

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