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Well, Run DMCand Bobby Womack are in the Rock HOF.....


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If the Baseball Hall of Fame operated like the R&R HOF does, then they would have inducted Michael Jordan by now. Seriously, Madonna, Joe Tex, and Grandmaster Flash in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Insane... Put people in the R&R HOF that have actually played ROCK AND ROLL!

Mark my words, those fools will put Britney Spears in there someday, and why? - because everyone's heard of her name and she did some crazy stuff, that's it. (Never mind the fact that they bury her voice beneath the backup singers and when they don't, there's an army of pitch-shifters to fix the intonation...)

When I think of stuff like this, I remind myself that during Mozart's lifetime, Antonio Salieri was much more popular with the public in Vienna than Mozart was. After all that time, who do we remember? Salieri wrote some nice stuff, but in hindsight, Mozart's was so superior...

Many years from now, the R&R HOF will propably be seen as little more than a joke, if it is remembered at all.

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