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Another year of Rock Hall nominations.....


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Although...I love the Replacements, I think they should eventually get in.

Oh it's no wonder that the HoF voters cannot get universal agreement. Look what's happening on this Message Board: we represent a small group of people who want the Raspberries in the HoF, but we can't even agree on the Replacements or the Stooges or Percy Sledge.
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Replacements should get in as an "influence". They never sold that many records, but tons of other musicians were influenced by them and their sound is everywhere. Kinda like Sex Pistols or Ramones (neither of whom ever got anywhere near the top 10, much less the top 5 the Berries hit!).

Hollies should get in on the merits of their sales AND influence.

Jann Wenner should retire and leave this to somebody who really knows & likes Rock&Roll, not fashion.

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The Springfield/Move situation is interesting. Didn't sell a lot of records, but many bands/solo artists came out of its remains.

But wouldn't that also be true of Atomic Rooster, Spooky Tooth, the Graham Bond Organizatio and the Spencer Davis Group?

The latter, especially.....former SDG members include Elton John, Davey Johnstone, and especially Steve Winwood.

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