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Another year of Rock Hall nominations.....


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Also...by founding fathers you mean Elvis , Chuck Berry, Little Richard,Buddy Holly, Eddie and Gene, etc. All deserving Of HOF, and Doo Wop giants like The Flamingos, Platters, Del Vikings, Moonglows...those are 'A' team guys...Dells and Little Anthony [both whom I like just fine]...well...no more deserving than the Monkees...less so in my book. Just my opinion of course.

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I am STILL astounded by the nominees that the nit-wit committee comes up with. Especially in comparison to the commercial success of The Hollies, KISS, or even Bon Jovi. The Stooges? Wanda Jackson (the COUNTRY singer)? Run DMC - A g-damned RAP act? This is blasphemy all over again.

PS. And The Belmonts are coming out with a new album in November. I've heard two cuts and they still sound great.

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The 1000 or so 'experts' who are doing the voting obviously see things differently from you and I Steve. I can accept the Monkees exclusion (the majority of the 'experts' saw them as a tv act who happened to sing, but didn't write their 'hits',for the most part), but the exlusion of a best-selling acts like the Hollies, or even ELO, who also had artistic credibility, is mind-boggling.

Re your other post, there likely would not have been any Belmonts without the Dells.

...and you KNOW the Stooges are going to get in 'cos Dave Marsh and Wenner both adore them.

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Well I disagree. You can't say the acts that you list above were not influenced by those that came before them. It's like saying because the Beatles did "Sgt Pepper", they weren't influenced by Elvis or Buddy Holly. Every single Doo Wop act, no matter how their style might have been a bit different, owes a debt to the vocal groups that came before them. I'd put the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for laying the groundwork.

Your turn! wink

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Well, with the Dells it's different...they had one top 5 R&B hit...only ONE album back in the 50s. They are well known for their big 60s comeback. I say groups like the Flamingos and Moonglows were WAY more influential. And deserving. BTW I love the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers..."You always hurt....The one you love". Great stuff.

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My 2 cents - It's about f***ing time that The Stooges, Wanda Jackson and Jeff Beck (arguably, aside from Hendrix, the best ever....although truthfully, as much of a jazz player as a rocker, as far as his solo material) were inducted. The rest? No. (I love Bobby Womack, but a Hall of Famer? Sorry, but I don't see it.....Wanda is in the finalists for her rockabilly days/material, not her later C&W tunes.)

Agree with everything positive that's been said above about The Hollies....as in the case if the DC5, I don't know who they've pissed off over the years to continue to be excluded from the finalists...(ditto Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Kiss)

P.S. If Marsh/Wenner were THAT in love with The Stooges, they would have been inducted back in '94 when they became eligible!!! It's 14 years later.....IMO, what's elevated them is their recent comeback, after a 30 year absence. ANYBODY who doesn't "get" The Stooges simply hasn't ever seen them live! Then again, I'm guessing the people who don't like The Stooges either (1) probably know next to nothing about them, other than Iggy's old bad boy image, and/or (2) had no problem seeing the likes James Taylor, Jackson Browne, etc. inducted into the "Rock & Roll" Hall of Fame. Nothing against those artists, but I don't really consider them "rock & roll", any more than the rappers, Leonard Cohen, etc....but that's just me. (Hell, I'd love to see Motorhead inducted...but no point in even going there....)

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Then again, I'm guessing the people who don't like The Stooges either (1) probably know next to nothing about them, other than Iggy's old bad boy image, and/or (2) had no problem seeing the likes James Taylor, Jackson Browne, etc. inducted into the "Rock & Roll" Hall of Fame.

Guilty as charged!
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"Guilty as charged!"

Not surprised, of course, but.....just out of curiosity, why does anyone not like something or somebody if they know nothing about them? I've never understood this about the world in general.....Regarding music, I'll readily confess that most of what I don't care for, I was exposed to over and over and over again via the radio in the 60's through 90's...so I am familiar with most artists that I criticize or don't care for. Also, I used to like a lot of artists that I frankly seemed to outgrow over time. My tastes have changed over the years, and continue to change/evolve. (Those artists whom I know nothing about - I keep silent on posts about them.)

Let anyone on this board read anything negative about Eric or Raspberries, based primarily on the writer's/reviewer's ignorance, and that particular writer will be trashed within an inch of his/her life! And 9 times out of 10, their opinion was based on the image they have about Eric/'Berries from the 70s....and they've likely not listened to the music, or just gave it a cursory listen, as their mind was already made up. Sad.... But I guess I'd be better off taking my views about other artists to other boards, and give up on trying to write positive things about them or defend them here, no?

Interesting (and relevant) Brian Wilson quote, BTW....

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The annual (actually, there are several per year) thread about the R&R HOF could probably be divided into 2 separate categories at this point, IMO -

(1) Arguing the actual merits of the artists, why they should/shouldn't be inducted, including listing other, more worthy candidates (Actually, this could be two separate threads itself); and

(2) Debating over the meaning of "rock & roll", which always comes up....but which could be corrected/eliminated if the institution changed its name to something like the "Pop Music from 1958 On, but Not Including Easy Listening Hall of Fame" or the "Rock/Rock & Roll/R&B/Soul/Country-Rock/Folk-Rock/Heavy Metal/Rap/Reggae/Klezmer Hall of Fame", or "Jann Wenner's Music Hall of Fame", etc.

My guess is there would still be debates over whether a certain finalist/inductee really meets the new name categorization or not. (I can see it now - "But it's Jann Wenner's Hall of Fame - and he really didn't like that band....Rolling Stone used to give their albums 2-3 star reviews at best!")

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"John I never said that I didn't like the Stooges. I will fully admit that other than a couple of songs, I know NOTHING about them."

Marv - I apologize! I took the Marsh/Wenner comment as a negative one, as I personally detest Wenner...(whose magazine, I believe, trashed the latest Stooges album, BTW...)

(On the other hand, you did say "guilty as charged" to my comment about those who don't like The Stooges....maybe you were just referring to the 2nd statement I made there...)

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I'm glad a few of you mentioned Cheap Trick. Of all of the acts mentioned that should be in (and I agree with most), Cheap Trick is just about the only one still pumping out great new original music (like the CD "Rockford") and with their original line up.

Regarding the Monkees - yes, they had some catchy songs, but IMO, they were four guys on a TV show about a band. How many records did they sell after the show went off the air?

I do have a question - why is Elvis Costello and the Attractions in, but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band not in (just Bruce himself)?

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John I think you hit the nail on the head. Below you will find a list of some artists that are in the Rock Hall. There's no denying that they all deserve inclusion into a "Music" Hall of Fame, but the "Rock" Hall? What exactly does "rock" mean?

• Leonard Cohen

• Madonna

• Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff

• Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

• Miles Davis

• Buddy Guy

• Percy Sledge

• The O'Jays

• The Dells

• Traffic

• Isaac Hayes

• Michael Jackson

• Paul Simon

• Solomon Burke

• Earth, Wind & Fire

• James Taylor

• Billie Holiday

• Nat "King" Cole

• Curtis Mayfield

• The Staple Singers

• Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

• Charles Brown

• Joni Mitchell

• Parliament-Funkadelic

• The Bee Gees

• The Jackson Five

• Gladys Knight and the Pips

• Little Willie John

• Pete Seeger

• Al Green

• Bob Marley

• Etta James

• Ruth Brown

• Dinah Washington

• Bobby "Blue" Bland

• The Isley Brothers

• Jimmy Reed

• LaVern Baker

• The Impressions

• Bobby Darin

• Simon and Garfunkel

• Louis Armstrong

• Bessie Smith

• The Ink Spots

• The Soul Stirrers

• Lead Belly

• Woody Guthrie

• Big Joe Turner

• Jimmie Rodgers

• Jimmy Yancey

• Robert Johnson

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"Motorhead in the R&R HOF?? Of course!"

Well, they ARE the loudest band in the world, and volume should count for something, IMO!!!(I also love their music, but that, of course, isn't a good barometer for whether anybody should be inducted.....and they certainly are rock & roll, and not heavy metal, as most folks seem to think - kinda like AC/DC....)

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"The Stooges were a powerhouse band plain and simple"

Actually, they still are!!! Regardless of what certain critics said or wrote about their recent comeback album and Iggy's half-hearted lyrics/singing, the Asheton brothers play better and as-intensely-as-ever on it, and even the idiots at Spin magazine named the band as the 2nd best live act in the world in '06 (behind U2, which I don't get....). To come back after being missing in action for 30 years and blow away everybody live.....well, aside from the Stooges, Raspberries and NY Dolls (only 2/5 of originals), there ain't too many acts capable of this!

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