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Another year of Rock Hall nominations.....


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Yes I saw that - Run DMC? Excuse me? Rap??? Even though I really like Chic I don't think they should be in there as a band - individually yes for their own merits. I'd like to see everyone who has a voting right listed some day so we can see who is making the decisions.

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it really is unreal the people that get voted in..i'm sorry,rap IS NOT rock n roll! it's not rocket science to figure it out,why do'nt they have a rap hall of fame if it's such "good"(and i use that loosely) "music"?..if u can call it music that is!! so many great artists that deserve being in there!!! what a scam..lol,chris

Put them all in at once and get it over with, I can't tell one song from the next
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I can't argue with Metallica. Run-DMC is a marginal choice, at best. Wanders into the "rock" category only barely---but it's at least more than what you can say for Grandmaster Flash. Who, ironically, is in the Hall---and for what?

Tower of Power, although not a rock band, deserves it 10 times more than any rapper on the planet. They played countless nights opening for rock bands, and actually won over some fans instead of getting booed......

Wanda Jackson is a surprise choice, considering the mentality of Jann Wenner's posse, but it is one that I agree with whole-heartedly. A trailblazer for women in rock, that's for sure. And she's a still damn good performer.

The Stooges, yes, just as influential as the Velvet Underground, perhaps even more so.

And a lot of personal picks for studio musicians and non-performers: Bob Ezrin, Alan Parsons, Roger Dean, Alexis Korner, etc.....

I would agree with War, and the Imperials, They may not be actual rock and roll, but influential. Bobby Womack, without question, needs to be there.

And two other non-rockers, from opposite ends of the spectrum, Willie Nelson and Neil Diamond should similarly be nominated for their influence.

Is Van Morrison in the hall? I'm not sure, but another mostly non-rocker(save for "G-L-O-R-I-A" )

that should be in there, if not already.(I will have to look at the list carefully sometime).

Of course I'm unhappy about the absence of Chicago, Kiss, Moodies, Hollies, Guess Who......and even Jethro Tull.

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marvin,you are right,but it's not gonna go away,that's for sure..billy,you have alot of good points,but there are so many that are deserving..it's frustrating being a "music" fan,as many elected are'nt actual musicians as far as i'm concerened with their "borrowing" pre-recorded music by real musicians,as all rappers do,come up w/real/original music..hah!..now that's a lost art nowadays!! lol,chris

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hollies- i think the, err, hollies may be permanently passed over b/c they were something of a pre-fab band, if i recall from my readings in 'bubblegum music is the naked truth'. just a supposition & a hunch here

there is no cooler song than 'long cool woman'. & i totally discovered or rediscovered 'carrie ann' a couple of years ago & it blew my mind

but still, i think they were a bit propped up from behind..

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Okay Austin...time for a little history lesson...

The Hollies had, without a doubt, the most exciting harmonies in 60s pop-rock music. I did not say Most beautiful or perfect..most exciting. This is true as long as Graham Nash is singing the top end. Bobby Elliott is considered , along with Keith Moon, as the finest British invasion drummer. He is one of the Ten greatest drummers of the 60s in the definitive book on the subject,'Great Rock Drummers Of The 60s' By Bob Cianci. This is a pretty well known fact. Tony Hicks is one of the 60s Great underrated guitarists. The Hollies NEVER used studio musicians. EVER. The Hollies from the beginning wrote much of their own material, and starting in 1965 with The album 'The Hollies' wrote the majority of it. Their classic albums. 'For Certain Because', 'Evolution', and 'Butterfly' were entirely self written. This includes their top ten Hits, 'Stop Stop Stop', Carrie Ann', On A Carousel'...along with a dozen other top 40 hits. The Hollies were a superb live act, and people who only know their hits, and are not familiar with their albums, are missing the real story. I like Wanda Jackson and Womack...they just can't carry The Hollies guitar picks. The Hollies certainly should be in...As a matter of fact E Street band member, and nominating R&R HOF board member Little Steven Van Zandt says the Hollies are his personal project to get inducted.Smart guy that Little Steven.

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The Monkees WERE a prefab group...and I would vote them into the R&R Hall Of Fame. They wrote some great songs... ['Papa Gene's Blues', 'Mary Mary', 'Tapioca Tundra', 'Different Drum' , 'Randy Scouse Git', etc] and recorded about two dozen of the 60s best records. I Really dig Wanda Jackson and Bobby Womack...I'd vote the Monkees in before either.

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With all due respect, the Monkees do NOT belong in the R&R Hall of Fame (and trust me, I've been a fan since my first string of Monkee beads). Now Alice Cooper, well that's an entirely different story altogether. And don't get me going on Cheap Trick, the planet's hardest working (and loudest) rock band.

As much as I like the Monkees' songs, I don't think they belong, either.
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