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What are the best song lyrics you've ever heard?

Off the top of my head:

"The Greatest Discovery", Elton John - great depiction by Bernie Taupin of the wonder of a kid first laying eyes on his newborn sibling.

"2112", Rush - a 20 minute concept piece that was an allegory of the "Individualism/Liberty vs. Collectivism/Totalitarianism" conflict that was an even larger world issue in the 70s when the lyrics were written.

"Hell Yeah", Neil Diamond - look'm up!

And you guys?

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Bob Dylan- It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding

John Lennon- Give Me Some Truth

Hamell On Trial- Seven Seas

Velvet Underground- Heroin

Dictators- Master Race Rock

Jon Brion- I Believe She's Lying

Joni Mitchell- Woman Of Heart & Mind

Psychedelic Furs- Fall

Bruce Springsteen- Growin Up

Soft Cell- It's A Mug's Game

Dramarama- Work For Food

Clash- Magnificent Seven

The Jam- That's Entertainment

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