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HUGE Reunion News!!!!!!!!!

Keith Nivan

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Mick Ralphs or Ariel Bender?


Didn't Overend Watts pass?

The return of Morgan Fisher?

Ian Hunter -- we are not worthy ...



40th Anniversary Reunion Shows

HMV Apollo (formerly the Hammersmith Apollo)

October 2nd & 3rd 2009

‘A roaring, racing, raving machine with all systems go, Mott The

Hoople are on the rampage and don’t ya forget it!’ – Sounds

- The return of one of the best loved Rock & Roll bands of all time

- 40 years since the highly influential Mott The Hoople formed in


- The first time the original line-up has played together for over 35


- Mott The Hoople return to The Hammersmith Apollo (now the HMV

Apollo) – scene of near riots following their shows in ’73 and

recorded for the legendary ‘Mott The Hoople Live’ album

‘Mott The Hoople pack power.. an extraordinary spectacle’ – Melody


Formed in 1969 when Ian Hunter joined Verden Allen, Dale Griffin,

Overend Watts and Mick Ralphs - Mott The Hoople released their

eponymous debut album that same year. By 1971 they were selling out

and trashing the Albert Hall – rock bands were banned for years

afterwards – but just 12 months later, after on-stage punches and

insults were thrown, Mott The Hoople were ready to quit, but stayed

together thanks to longtime fan, David Bowie. He gave them ‘All The

Young Dudes’ the first of a string of hits including the Ian Hunter-

penned songs ‘Roll Away The Stone’, ‘All The Way From Memphis’,

‘Honaloochie Boogie’ and ‘The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Despite

the success and accolades, Mott The Hoople’s demise was surely

inevitable and by 1974 the band had split.

‘If Mott The Hoople had carried on they seriously could have taken the


- Kris Needs, Mojo

It is fitting that the 2009 shows are at the HMV Apollo (formerly the

Hammersmith Apollo) – this is where one side of the famous ‘Mott The

Hoople Live’ album was recorded in 1973 and was the venue they had to

play twice in one day to satisfy ticket demand, the second show ending

in near riot when the curtain came down on their final encore. The

other side of this legendary album was recorded during Mott’s week-

long residency at the Uris Theatre on Broadway, the first time New

York theatreland had played host to a rock band; support on these

shows came from the little known Queen.

‘Mott The Hoople turned the Uris Theatre into a screaming hotbed of

English-style Rock & Roll frenzy’ - Rolling Stone

Who knows what will happen this time but these are sure to be historic

gigs. Thanks to name-checks from Rock & Roll stars over the last 40

years and regular plays on radio, TV and film (‘All The Young Dudes’

is the lead song on the ‘Juno’ soundtrack and features in many more),

Mott The Hoople’s audience is getting younger. Whatever age expect an

audience which has an unshakeable belief in Rock & Roll.

In an era of band reformations, it will be still be shocking to their

legions of fans that Mott The Hoople have decided to reform, with

their original line-up, to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. Shocking

but thrilling to fans who include Primal Scream, Morrissey, The Clash,

REM, Queen, Blur and more..

Tickets on sale January 22nd 2009 priced £36.00 and £42.50



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If no one knew the name Overend Watts they certainly would have recognized that silver and black hair with the thigh high platform boots by god!!! I certainly hope someone gets a boot out there of it or puts a piece on you tube for the US fans here!!! I'd love to hear Mick Ralphs play with them again - and Morgan Fisher tinkling those ivories.

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I liked the Jewish tribute band Matzoh Hoople.


But seriously folks, they had a whole slew of albums no one paid much attention to on Atlantic prior to them moving to Columbia and hitting hard with All The Young Dudes, and then Mott... I remember the double bill of MTH and Lou Reed at the Felt Forum... AMAZING show.

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