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Journey's New Steve Perry Clone: Wow!

Tony Cartmill

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Actually, AJ, I saw Cheap Trick play a corporate event in April and they most certainly did play "The Flame."

While they've been outspoken about how they didn't write it and didn't like it, it was, I believe, the biggest chart hit of their careers.

For that reason, I wouldn't be surprised if they played it on the Journey tour. Tours like that--3 bands playing shorter sets, especially the two openers--are all about doing the hits.


I saw them back in the '90s and it wasn't performed. I didn't quite know why, but figured it may have been due to the production on the song or something. I never knew how upset they were about that era in their recording career until I read the info in the box set.
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I saw last night, the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert. I completely missed Cheap Trick (UGHH!)

due to the most horrendous traffic! Got there to see Heart who was the band I wanted to see the least, and have to admit they were FANTASTIC! Journey played last and the new singer Arnel was amazing!! His energy was incredible. His voice was great and he jumped around the stage like a maniac!!! They played some of the new songs from the Revelation album- pretty good!

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