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Your Top 10 Soundtracks


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I've got "Friends" but never seen the movie, either.....

Some that I own:

"American Graffiti"



"South Pacific"

"The King and I"

"Carl Stalling Project" (best-of music set from Warner Bros. Cartoons).

One I DON'T have(but really want)....is Lalo Schifrin's original "Mission Impossible" TV stuff

(not the latter-day Tom Cruise big screen version)

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Easy Rider x 9


Lazy eh? I can't remember the names of movies. In fact for whatever reason...I can watch a movie and 6 months later not have a clue what's going to happen next when I see it again.

Not true of xmas movies like Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th St by the way. THOSE I know.

I like the Beatle remakes in that movie with Sean Penn...and the Gospel feel to the soundtrack for the Tom Hanks movie where they dig a tunnel to the money from some poor widow's basement.

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Lee Marshall, does the "Easy Rider" soundtrack have the Band's original version of "The Weight" on it. I remember, due to some contractual/licensing agreements, they had to substitute a verson by Smith(famous for "Baby It's You")instead.

As for "The Big Chill"--some decent Motown tunes, but not really top-drawer. And the movie, I would agree, much over-rated.

Tony, I did not see "1941"....it didn't last too long in the theaters.....what exactly is on the soundtrack?

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Eddie and the Cruisers...yeah, that was cool!

When people ask me what my favorite Springsteen songs are....."On the Dark Side" is one of the first that come to mind....even though it isn't the Boss.....that's how GOOD it is!

Hey Bruce...take note....Diana Ross has done "One Night Only"(from "Dreamgirls")in concert, and the Beach Boys have done "Back in the USSR"...both went over well with the fans........to have "On the Dark Side" played by the E Street Band would really rock the house!!

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West Side Story

A Hard Day's Night

My Fair Lady (also my Mom's favorite of all time)

South Pacific

The King & I

Dirty Dancing

Electric Dreams (Can't help it--I love the theme song by Giorgio Moroder)

Humoresque (My love, Oscar Levant, plays on this soundtrack and I adore it)

Any other film that Oscar played on. Yummy!

smile --Darlene

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