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Thank You, Paul Sidoti!


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So, last night I had a GREAT time hanging with one of my favorite people in the world, who also happens to be a very good pal of mine—guitarist extraordinaire (and official member of the Overdubs) Paul Sidoti. Only difference was after hugging, chatting and catching up on what we've both been up to, Paul says, "See you in about an hour," and proceeds to climb on stage where he performed to a capacity crowd of 25,000 people!

That's right...last night the Taylor Swift train pulled into New Jersey and I eagerly jumped on board.

I tell you, there isn't anything like her on the music scene today. She's a talented musician, has great stage presence, is wowing every teen girl in America (soon to be the world) and had the good fortune of adding Paul to her VERY talented band.

If what she plays is officially "country music" these days, then I say give me more, please! Great guitar riffs, catchy melodies, an interesting story in every lyric, singalong choruses and hot lead guitar breaks. I mean, country used to be some guy in a tall hat singing about his mule while picking on his geetar, right? Hahaha!

Anyway, Taylor does polished a 45-minute set opening for Rascal Flatts where she ONLY plays Top 5 songs and the kicker is she wrote them all and is pulling them from her one and only freshman album, recorded mostly while she was still in high school. Incredible!

Her follow-up CD is due in the next several weeks (the first single is already #1 on iTunes) and should pave the way for headlining gigs in the Fall.

So, a little about Paul. I don't know what made me prouder—seeing him walk onstage with his white Gibson Flying V as the crowd went wild or watching the adoring fans as they lined up to meet him, take pictures and get autographs before and after the show. I tell you, it couldn't have happened to a more TALENTED and NICER guy than Paul!

Oh, and Paul—another "shout out" is required to thank you for being so gracious after the show. A special thank you to the rest of the band: Amos, Grant, Caitlin, Al and Ben. You guys seem to have a genuine friendship that is apparent not only on stage, but off stage as well. What a talented group of musicians. Enjoy every minute of this, my friend! You deserve it!!!


PS: An added Eric Carmen connection came in the middle of Rascal Flatts' set. Paul made sure we were back in our seats when none other than Steve Lukather joined the band for three tunes, including a couple of Toto favorites. Man, that guy can play! Thanks again Paul, for an awesome, AWESOME night!

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My daughter has been playing Taylor's stuff on the guitar the past year. Taylor's going to be around A LONG time.

So glad to hear/see Paul doing well. He was so fun and nice to Bonnie & me in '05 @ BB King's....especially since Bonnie was drooling on his shoes next to Wally. laughwink

Hip Hip Hooray & Booyah for Paul.


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Bernie, you are so right! We saw Paulie in Taylor's band at Blossom Music Center in July. It was a wonderful show and great to see Paulie looking like he was having the time of his life!

It also looks like he is developing his own following based on all of the girls going crazy over him after the show!


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Sorry Paul (and Bernie), but I don't get the fuss behind Taylor Swift at all. I find her to be a very average singer, and her songs, while I give her credit for being able to write music at her relatively young age, don't do a thing for me. Maybe I've got to think like a teen girl in America to get the fuss. Regardless, congratulations to Paul for getting this chance to show off his talents on a larger scale.

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