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John Legend does live show for CBS tonight , in L.A..


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John was the best new R&B artist, and the best new male artist. This is only his second album. He has recorded with Grammy winner Alicia Keys, but he was always known as a studio musician. He also led a choir at a church in Philadelphia.

Tonight's show, with Sony Records involved, will air in December and it's being recorded before a live audience. It's called "Home For The Holidays" at stages 8 and 9 at 846 N. Cahuenga Blvd, in Los Angeles. A song from a recent album sounds just like "Stormy" by The Classics IV of the 1960's, who were also famous for "Spooky". But the new song is called "Save Room" with new lyrics. What struck me about him was his vocal delivery. He sounds like something from decades earlier. John was raised in Ohio, and played at The House Of Blues, Nov.6th. He will be on T.V. The Jimmy Kimmel show, Nov. 15th as well as doing a show The Wiltern Theatre in L.A. on Nov. 16th. You can hear "Save Room" and other songs on his site: www.JohnLegend.com .

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