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i'll be hosting a radio program this weekend, available online


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in case anyone wants to tune in over the web this Saturday, central time:

hey folks - i will be co-hosting an hour of music on KOOP 91.7 FM this Saturday @ 12:00 noon-1:00 as guest DJ's on a regular KOOP program called 'The Swinger'

having (myself) just read a cool book called 'Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth', we'll be taking you down a trip thru the classic, definitive, & drippingly juicy late 60's/early 70's era of bubblegum/sunshine pop music, a veritable goldmine of (often subversively) innocent lyrics, masterful melody, & high cheeze

tune in & turn on! Saturday 12-1:00 KOOP 91.7 on your dial. we'll have a pretty obscure playlist lined up, but 472-KOOP if you wanna call & make a request & try & stump us. (KOOP also streams their broadcast on the web, btw, for you out-of-towners)

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Hey I just read that book myself and while there are a lot of hidden musical gems you can find out about from it I also have to say caveat emptor, let the buyer beware! I bought a couple of CD's that were raved about in an over the top way in the book and was severely disappointed. Andy Kim's Rainbow Ride and Luv. Blech.

On the other hand that book was a great read. Some seriously funny stuff in there. Some creepy too, like the chapter on The Daisy Bang. And the Partridge Family Temple, well, actually that one was funny, even if it was a fairly transparent imitation of "The Church Of Sub-Genius"

Oh well, anyway I'll try to tune in.

BTW, Did you see my requests in the "Peppermint Trolley" thread?

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