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Having listened to the first 3 mins of Tom Hanks induction speech for the DC5....


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I was asleep and woke up right when Tom started his speech lol - OMG - What a great speech, TURN UP THE RADIO DAD!!!! OMG if that didn't happen in our car even with my brother being in the front seat when they came on! Sigh. And what a great thrill to hear Joan singing Bits N Pieces OMG.... and the rest of them all singing Glad All Over!!!! Dave's speech was a good one as well - now they'd better re-release the catalog!!!

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MJ, et al,

Good news - you can now get a new digitally released DC5 package - "Dave Clark 5 - The Hits" on iTunes. I think it was just released today, and it is one of the "rolling" releases featured on the iTunes homepage. If not just do a power search. This is a new hits packge that is being released digitally first, then in CD format in a couple of weeks. I already have a 30 track hits CD, but it has no booklet. I'm very tempted to buy this one as well just for the booklet to see if it contains any bio info, notes, lyrics, etc. Let me know if you buy it and how it is.


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Al I have History of the DC5 with the booklet from a few years back. One of the smart purchases I made back then, not knowing he wasn't going to release the catalog on CD. I'll probably get the new one as well. Thanks for the info!

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