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Is this "OUR" Wally Bryson?

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Good catch, Paulie, I wasn't aware of that one before your post. That is our Wally. I asked Kay Bryson and she confirmed it.

Now I'm going to hunt down the DVD mentioned at http://www.lucidvisionentertainment.com/custody.htm . I've found some pretty decent reviews of the film doing internet searches.

Raspberries tunes in two films now (the other being "Almost Famous") - cool!

"Don't Want To Say Goodbye" seems meant for a movie --- one of those tunes that would be perfect for a romantic film (with a melody that, done as an instrumental, could accent scenes in the middle of the film, with the song anchoring the film's opening and closing credits). I hope someone in Hollywood discovers that tune one day.

Going off-topic, but what the heck: there's a Wally Bryson tune I would love to see Eric cover, "Let's Just Say Goodbye" from The Sittin' Ducks CD. I'd also love to hear Wally sing Eric's "If You Change Your Mind," his favorite of Eric's songs.

Don smile

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