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Any Fountains Of Wayne fans?

Rich Pirone

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I saw them last year at the Troc in Philly and they sleepwalked thru their 55 minute set. However I saw them a few years earlier at the North Star Bar (also in Philly) and they were outstanding.

I'm really excited about Adam Schlessinger's new side project, Tinted Windows. I pulled up their video and some videos from SXSW on You Tube. Anything involving Bun E. Carlos can't be bad.

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I'vs e seen them perform 2 years ago at a free outdoor concert in Cranford NJ that they have avery year. I believe that was the same year Cheap Trick was on the bill. Several ec.com posters were there.

P.S. Fountains of Wayne are named after a patio furniture /Christmas store located in Wayne NJ where I have spent many of my hard earned dollars. Yes, they do sell fountains there.

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I love them.

Adam Schlesinger...Fountain Of Waynes' Eric Carmen...wrote the song "That Thing You Do" and all the great period-appropriate music for "Music And Lyrics" with Hugh and Drew.

Allen...I saw B.J. Thomas at the fabulous Sellerville Theater and stayed the nite at the Holiday Inn in Flourtown P.A.

Here's a photo I took of this quaint,adorable venue.-Ira.


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