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Hey Ira - Manfreds Have Cancelled Their US Tour....


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Ira - I believe it's April 8th, which is a Tuesday. Sadly, my plans were set around going to NYC the next week, to catch The Manfreds. I may try to change them now, but it's going to depend on my job....Will let you know shortly.

(I was just there the weekend of 2/29 - 3/2, to catch two Roky Erickson shows - his drummer's a great friend of mine, and I always try to catch their shows when they come back East...)

It was also sad to read a recent interview with Dave Davies, where he stated in no uncertain terms that he has no desire, even post-stroke, to ever reunite The Kinks or play with his older brother again. After his recent health problems, I was hoping he'd let bygones be bygones, and realize that there may not be too much more time for the two to make up and reconcile....there are obviously some VERY deep scars there....

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John... April 8th is right...I was sad too to see Dave accuse Ray of performing "Karaoke-Kinks"...the last few years...and not wanting to be part of a reunion.

Hell...I've even forgiven my ex-wife over the years.

Can't they get together for us!

What's with these guys?

Can't they think of me and you John...and what WE want? wink

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"Can't they think of me and you John...and what WE want?"


On a serious note, though, they ARE brothers, for Chrissake, and it's been decades since their last huge fights...PLUS there's likely big bucks to be made in a Kinks reunion!......(at least big compared to what they used to make!)

Just read a couple of articles about the Robinson brothers (Black Crowes), Chris and Rich, who truly, deeply do seem to hate each other, much as in the case of the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) - yet they're putting it aside to continue to make music.....

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