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New Inductees - R&R Hall of Fame


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OK, the five who are getting in:

Madonna (don't care for a lot of her music, but this isn't a surprise)

Johh Mellencamp (to me, a very bizarre selection)

Leonard Cohen (see comment directly above)

The Ventures (about time an instrumental group got in...)

Dave Clark Five (alright!!! Definitely about time!!!...and glad that Mike Smith's still alive to see this!)

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I don't understand what is missing with considering The Moody Blues!!! These guys were revolutionary in crossing rock with symphony...an influence that's commonplace today! Yet, because obviously someone in NY had a problem with either the band or their management in the past, these guys are still not considered! I live in Cleveland, and everytime I go to the Rock Hall, I cringe when I see the "acts" that got through the doors...almost laughable!!!!!!

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Cohen is indeed a curious selection, almost as strange as when they chose Nat King Cole a few years back. Perhaps J.J. Cale or Tony Joe White would have been more of an appropriate choice.

And Gamble and Huff(Phildelphia International Records) got it for sidemen. Can't argue with that.

As much as I enjoy listening to Mellencamp, and like the guy as a person, he is not a groundbreaking artist, nor a unique style of playing or songwriting. Much like Tom Petty, it's been said before by the Byrds, Dylan, Fogerty, etc.........and more so for longevity and delivering the goods(both live and in the studio).

Madonna is groundbreaking, and has influenced many artists(some in areas where you least expect it).

Granted, no Moodies, Kiss, Guess Who, or Chicago.

But with the DC5 and the Ventures, the RRHOF has got it more right this year, than in the recent past...

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