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Pat DiNizio (Smithereens) Puts Himself On Sale!


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Pat D. of The Smithereens has been doing the occasional house shows for several years now (a la Kyle Vincent in early '07 in New Jersey), renting himself and his acoustic guitar. If you pay him (and I believe he used to charge about $2 grand or so), he'd show up with his guitar and a keg of beer of your choice, and entertain you & any number of guests. (NOTE: Based on how large he's gotten over the past 10 years, I'd say he drinks a lot of the beer that he brings!)

Just got an email from his site the other day, saying that he's doing shows this Summer for only $500! In case anyone's interested in entertainment for an upcoming party.....

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Guest Fresh

Pat lives here in Scotch Plains and I run into him at the local Quik-Chek convenience store often.He is quite large,but never too busy or bothered to stop and talk.He's always a pleasure to chat with and knows so much about music.The group re-recorded note-for-note the Beatles first album about 2 years ago and they ran a nice special covering the project on our local cable channel.The Smithereens performed these songs at B.B.Kings in NYC.

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