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Dion's New CD


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While I know nothing about a new Belmonts album coming out shortly, I just did receive a promo copy of Dion's new CD, "Heroes: Giants of Early Guitar Rock". Unlike his last 2 CDs, sets of acoustic blues, this one is with a full electric band, and consists of 50s covers. The song list:

Summertime Blues, Come On Let's Go, Rave On, Believe What You Say, Bye Bye Love, Be-Bop-A-Lula, Runaway, Jailhouse Rock, I Walk The Line, Blue Sueded Shoes, Who Do You Love, Sweet Little Rock & Roller, Dream Baby, Shake Rattle & Roll, and The Wanderer.

While Dion, of course, sings the piss out of these tunes, the arrangements are all pretty standard/faithful, and few of them equal or surpass the originals. Just wish he had gone a different route, and maybe covered lesser-known songs by the same artists.

On the other hand, it's good to hear him again with a band - his best electric effort since the live Little Kings album from '01 (featuring Scott Kempner of The Dictators on lead guitar and musical arrangements).

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Don't know...the booklet didn't come with my promo copy. The only name I've been able to find on various sites is one Robert "Crow" Richardson, who played a lot of the lead guitar on it....and I don't have a clue who he is.

My guess is Dion used whoever's playing live with him nowadays.

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