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With all of the Tom Petty fans here, I'm kinda surprised that nobody's posted about this new release yet - his old band from the early 70's in Florida reunited and finally put out a debut album this past week.

Tom (bass, lead vocals), Mike C. and Benmont from the Heartbreakers, along with Tom Leadon (Bernie's brother) on 2nd lead guitar and drummer Randall Marsh just put out a killer country-rock album that, had it been released in 1973, surely would have contended for album of the year back then.

As it stands, it sounds like the best album that the Clarence White-era Byrds ever put out - including a great cover of that band's "Lover Of The Bayou", and it's every bit as good as anything of that country-rock era, including the Byrds, Burritos, Poco, Eagles, Dillard-Clark Expedition, Redwing, etc. I specifically bring up the CW-era Byrds because quite a few of these tunes feature guitar interplay involving a Rick 12-string and a B-bender Tele, ala McGuinn-White. Since Campbell's and Leadon's guitars are on separate sides/channels, it's easy to figure out who's playing what - and Tom's every bit a good with the B-bender as Bernie! (and Campbell's, of course, no slouch)

In a nutshell, I personally dig this more than damn near anything Petty's put out in about 27-28 years now....(And I consider "You're Gonna Get It" and "Damn The Torpedos" desert island disks)....Highly recommended!

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Hi John. I have the disc and bought it without having heard a note. I didn't know what to expect, since I was assuming that the music would be a mix of what Petty has done solo and what he's done with the Heartbreakers. I was totally off base! Totally agree with your review.

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Another point of reference as far as The Byrds - On Roger McG's last studio solo CD, "Limited Edition" (which, if you like Petty or Mudcrutch, you also need!), he does "Shady Grove" as well (the opener on Mudcrutch's album).

Personally, I think this may have rejuvenated and breathed new life into Tom P., who, I believe, should temporarily shelve The Heartbreakers and go out on the road with these guys!

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