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jim bonfanti mention in modern drummer.....


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.....in the latest issue of modern drummer magazine,(june'06), a very adroit reader(jim griffey) submitted a letter to the editors wherin he responded to a previous article about "the top 20 drum tracks of the 70's"......he alerted the magazine of a most egregious omission, suggesting correctly,"the raspberries' jim bonfanti on "ecstasy" from side 3. this song puts him right alongside keith moon"..........i wholeheartedly agree!

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a close second to sir bonfanti's performance on "Ecstasy" would be sir tommy allen/mamacote's 1983 live take of The Move's "Hello Suzie" with his then band Screen Test...

truth be known (and this is THE TRUTH, I swear on Koin Grümmer's grave), Tommy's other band The Flashcubes are in the midst of recording a full-blown studio version of the Move song as we speak...

Screen Test, on the other side of the KOIN, will FINALLY get their just deserts this summer when the Japanese label Air Mail Recordings releases the best of their '80s recorded output which nary a freak outside of Syracuse, NY caught wind of, but was still one of the brightest lights of pop and power pop for that decade.

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Truth be told.....

If they called it Top Drum Tracks of All Time without sub-classifications for the '60s, '70s, '80s, et cetera, every tune mentioned would be from the '60s through the '80s - LOL. I can't think of a song (say in the last 10 - 15 years) released that has any difficult drum patterns or fills!

I think most of today's drummers have forgotten that they can play the high-hat open as well as closed! Don't even ask them to do triplets on the Bass Pedal!


Jim Bonfanti is a truely great drummer, not only in the '70s, but today as well. I saw The Choir's show in Euclid, Ohio and he was simply amazing and flawless. Some of these new recording acts should plead with him, fork out some money and hire him as a session drummer to improve their recordings!

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