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Cheap Trick, Poison & Def Leppard


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"I hate seeing Cheap Trick on the oldies circuit. Maybe I'm just old, but I still see them as relevant."

Me too, but let's face it....over the past several years, they've been touring with the likes of Journey, Heart, Poison, Def Leppard - IMO, ain't much relevant there!

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I've always thought of 'Cheap Trick' as a headline band. I've seen these guys at quite a few U.K gigs and they were always top class.

Never liked Def Leppard that much really even though they're favourite band is the Sweet! Well they did cover 'Action' which Andy Scott did say managed to buy him some curtains and carpets for his house on the royalties of that cover.

Poison are pretty much dead and buried over here, ask anyone about 'Poison' and they'd answer....WHO?

Cheap Trick did actually support the Sweet on tour in the U.S.A.

I like C.T all the same. Good band, deserve more respect.

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Cheap Trick are one of my all time favorites and I salute them for still sticking with it however I think that they were never able to capture the rawness of their live sound in the studio. Witness Budokan those live recordings sure outshine the studio ones especially the ones from In Color and Black and White.

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