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Avril sued by Rubinoos

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Yep, I tend to agree......(Although I still don't think the songs/choruses are that similar, or sound alike, this will ultimately have little to do with the outcome, once facts such as the one above are disclosed. The co-writer may end up costing her plenty.)

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...and the Rubinoos nicked a bit of "Tonight" for the opening of "Boyfriend", and Bruce nicked the opening drum roll of "Born to Run" from "I Wanna Be With You", and the beginning of "I Wanna Be With You" (the drum roll) is Little Eva's "Locomotion", and it goes on and on, and on...


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I just read somewhere that Avril has insurance to cover things such as lawsuits against her for swiping songs! This sounds like malpractice insurance for doctors......(and also looks even better, IMO, for Tommy D. getting some sort of a payday out of this!)

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Unless it was under a pen name at the age of 15, I don't believe Dr. Luke was involved in The Party album as a cowriter or producer.

However there *are* a couple other individuals connecting the 2 albums.

This was no similar intro chord progression paying homage (Rubinoos' "Tonight"), Avril's entire chorus/hook was either coincidental or blatant--both lose in court. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" or "Hey Hey You You" wouldn't stand up, but add 'she loves you' or 'I wanna be your girlfriend/boyfriend', respectively and it's a rip.

As I said, Tommy's gonna be cashing a large paycheck.

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