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Best Parody Song....but by someone.....

Billy K.

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There are undoubtedly some good parody songs out there......but most that come to mind are either by Weird Al Yankovic or Allan Sherman.

I could only think of a few.....

"Rice-a-Roni"(parody of "My Sharona")by Flo and Eddie

"Rock Me Sammy Davis"(Falco's "Rock me Amadeus")by the Black Shabbos

"Snack by Snack"(New Kids' "Step by Step") by Laszlo and Gary

Anyone know any good parodies, by someone OTHER than Sherman or Weird Al?

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Three words for you, Billy: Pinkard & Bowden.

Just a sampling of their titles...

The one many first knew them for was "Mama, She's Lazy" (parody of "Mama, He's Crazy")

They also did:

"Three Mile Island" (parody of "Wolverton Mountain")

"Music Industry (parody of "Islands in the Stream")

If you like parodies (and comedy songs in general), you really need to check them out. Their "non-parodies" are also just plain hysterical - i.e. "Don't Pet The Dog". They had a video in rotation for awhile in the '80's of their song "I Lobster, But Never Flounder."

Try singing the lyrics to the "Green Acres" theme to the tune of "Purple Haze"...they did.

Sandy Pinkard was quite well known in his own right as a songwriter. Just to name two..."Coca-Cola Cowboy" and "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma". I've lost track of him, as have many others. If anyone has a solid lead, please let me know.

Richard Bowden is an excellent guitarist who has played with Linda Ronstadt and others. He occasionally goes out on the road with the Eagles in a behind the scenes role. Also can be heard from time to time on Bob & Tom's show, and played on the road with their holiday show a few years back. He has some solo recordings that continue the comedy tradition.

Again - give them a listen!


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GREAT topic! LOVE song parodies!!

Lady McCartney Steve Riks

"Born to Add" Bruce Stringbean

"Deep in the Heart of Jersey" Cowboy Charlie ("Uncle" Floyd Vivino)

"Leader of the Laundromat" Detergents

Bruce Springstone "Live at Bedrock" (A side - "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"/ B Side - "Bedrock Rap / Meet The Flintstones

"Vanna Pick Me a Letter" by Dr. Dave

"Eat My Baby" Ronnie Spector

"We All Work at WHT" Legalmania

"Chanukah Hey Ya" Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E. From SuburbanHomeboy.com

"You Give Poop a Bad Name" Triumph the Insult Comic Dog with Bon Jovi

"On the Boardwalk" Bruce Stringbean

"A Girl to Hold" Neil Yuk

"Puff the Kosher Dragon" Ruach

"Breaking Up is Hard on You" American Comedy Network

"Popeye Meets the Beach Boys/Blutto Meets Bowie"

"Kaity Tong" ("Bang a Gong") Howard Stern

"Basketball Jones" ("Love Jones") Cheech & Chong

"Bomb Iran" ("Barbara Ann") forgot the artist; I think it was Vince Something

A bunch of the videos on "Jib Jab"

"Jersey Girl" (parody of "Barbie Girl")

Trying to think of the name of that very funny Halloween parody that one of our very own ec.com members wrote awhile back. I think it was called "Big Scary Monster," but I'm not sure.

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Susana, one of my friends, who calls himself Gomer Hendrix, also did the "Green Acres/Purple Haze" thing at many of his shows.

Which brings to mind a similar pairing.....the lyrics to the "Gilligan's Island" theme sang to "Stairway to Heaven".......Little Roger and the Goosebumps got sued by Jimmy Page, with a "cease and desist" order.... which is why the "Stairway to Gilligan" disc is extremely rare!

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