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Stevie Nicks at Jones Beach Amphitheater


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Hi y'all -

Pete and i went to see Stevie Nicks (the other woman in his life) at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY last night.

First off - it didn't rain!!!!! Rained three times on the way there (1 1/2 hours from our home) but it was a nice night to be outside.

The opening act was a guy named Peter Cinotti - a jazz/rock guy that was killer on the piano. He played a song called "witches brew" from his new album (not on itunes yet but another great song 'goodbye philadephia' is there) and he played a Carmen-esque piano solo in the middle that I loved.

Stevie was fabulous! In addition to our favorite tunes, she did three covers: Dave matthews "Crash into me" that will be on PBS "Soundstage" soon, a Bob Seeger rocker (missed the title) and "Rock n Roll" by Led Zeppelin!!! She kicked BUTT!

She had two particular songs that had us in tears and so moved: "Landslide" with a slideshow of her and her father throughout the years (including baby pictures) and her traditional closer "Has Anyone ever written anything for you?" but she has been very closely involved with the soldiers at Walter Reed Army hospital and the whole song took on an added dimension with the slideshow of our troops in action with the American flag in the background. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. her final words were "Support the music industry"

the sad part? the amphitheater was 2/3rd full and in years past, we've seen it packed. But like Pete said: she's 60 years old (and damn, I pray to look like her when I hit 60!!) she hasn't had a hit in many years and she's off the cultural radar. But still, to us, she was worth the trip, the gas, and the price of admission tenfold.

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Steve ...you are so right. Sure I LOVED Stevie with Fleetwood Mac...but what "sealed the deal" were her eclectic pairings as a solo artist( Not that pairing with Lindsay B was eclectic). Her music transcended her obvious "hotness".

Gee I still love the way she handled Prince's "Stand Back".


P.S. Annie...how is Jones Beach ampitheatre these days? It rained everytime I went there!

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The amphitheatre has been refurbished and the moat is gone (there used to be a waterway between the stage and the seating) looked great - sound was awesome. I was prepped for rain but it didn't come. She opened with "Stand Back" last night and she was in prime voice!

Stevie has said (in her liner notes) that "Sarah" is an ode to her terminated pregnancy that happened during her relationship with Don Henley. She didn't realize then that her life choices would not eventually include a child.

We saw Don and Stevie two years ago - what a great pairing.

When she sings the line "and I'm getting older, too" she has a wry smile on her face and all the fans scream "NO!!!!!"

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