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Don't invite Jack Bruce to a Zeppelin concert!

Tim From Wisconsin

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I wonder if ol' Jack was having a little fun with the interviewer and it was taken out of context? LZ was never my cup of tea either, but you don't often see musicians ripping each other in public like that too often. (I would say "except rappers" but I said "musicians")

Both bands had some cool songs, but you wouldn''t find either of them on any top ten list of mine.

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It's apples and oranges. Comparing Clapton to Page is like comparing Jagger to Lennon, or Townshend to Beck.

I know Clapton's a great guitarist, but his playing has rarely moved me.

Page really pushed the envelope. I think he's a brilliant, musical and incredibly inventive guitarist. Kashmir? Dancing Days? Black Dog? You betc'ha!

Having said that, I almost got in a fight with Lowell George at Sound Factory one night, after he made fun of Keith Richard. Keith may not be a virtuoso like Clapton, but Keith has come up with more great guitar intros than ANYBODY, and Keith's simple little solos knock my socks off every time!


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That's right, Mr. C. it's comparing oil & water. Animals & Zombies. Apples & Warner Brothers.

Ironic how Jack brings up the rhetoric comparison between two legendary guitarists, who BOTH happened to put quality time into a mutual legendary British band - The Yardbirds.

Eric is a mechanically sound, brilliant blues guitarist. But like Joey Molland once told me...'you can't throw any of those "naughty chords" - the augmenteds n' the diminisheds - at Clapton. He freezes, and can't do anything with them. It's gotta be 1-4-5 for him'. Word.

But Jimmmy defintely broke more ground. The sounds he created...the echoes & flangers...the 'middle Eastern' modes of guitar solos...the violin bow thing...the Chinese silk bell bottoms...

Maybe Jack's just getting a little grumpy in his old age. But if anyone ever interviews ME, I'll make sure to tell them Jack Bruce is in my "Top 5" bassists of all time.

And that couldn't prevent Jack from being happy....LOL :rolleyes:

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I wonder if he was serious about bringing TR into Cream ... probably not (I'll be if, say, Peter Frampton was walking by at the time, he would've mentioned him), but that would be an interesting lineup.

Tho' I'd imagine after his recent experience with The New Cars, replacing an iconic member of another classic band would be about the LAST thing Todd would do right now...


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Another 2 cents for the apples & oranges comparison......Clapton may very well be the greatest blues guitarist ever - he's absorbed everything from the Kings (BB, Albert, Freddie), Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, and even the rather eccentric ones (Hubert Sumlin, for example), and his soloing over any blues progression can stun you - yet he seems lost outside of that genre.

Page invented some of the greatest riffs in history, and yeah, he's sloppy as Hell live (which I always found amusing, especially in such an alleged studio whiz).

What's weird about Jack B., though, when it comes to guitarists...I've seen him in print declare that Leslie West was the best guitarist he's ever played with (in West,Bruce & Laing), and then say the exact same thing about Gary Moore a few years later (whom he played with in BBM), and I believe he also made that claim about Clem Clempson at one point. (So far, I don't think he's said that about Robin Trower, but maybe it's coming.....)

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Speaking of Cream, check out this doozy, reported today on Philly Classic Rock Station WMGK's site:


Ginger Baker says that he's prepared to strip in court to prove that his former assistant was never his lover, according to timesonline.co.uk. The Cream and Blind Faith drummer is embroiled in a lawsuit against his former assistant Lindiwe Noko, who the drummer claims defrauded him out of over $45,000. Noko has claimed that she and Baker were lovers and that any money she received was a gift.

Baker has stated that he can prove that he and the woman were never lovers due to the fact that he has a scar that would be obvious to Noko had they been intimate: "I'm quite prepared to strip. It may well come down to it. I've a scar that only a woman who had a thing with me would know. It's there and she doesn't know it's there."

A hearing in the case is scheduled in Britain in January.

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I cant believe how often it is missed just what beautiful melodic song writing, and pop song writing occured in both Cream and Led Zeppelin: Thank You, Living Loving Maid, Badge, Strange Brew, The Rain Song,.... So there was alot going on beyond guitar virtuosity. I love them both but I think Claptons best guitar work is on Layla and Other Love Songs. Most lead guitarists tend to go down in inventivenes over time. Hard to understand what that is.

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Agree about the excellent pop song writing in Led Zep - Cream, not so much...."White Room", "Badge", "I Feel Free", yes, but mostly everything else was blues-based. "Strange Brew" was basically Albert King's "Crosscut Saw" with different lyrics.

Also agree that Clapton's very best work was "Layla & Other Love Songs"....which was also his absolute worst period as far as using heroin - coincidence?

Lastly, aside from Jeff Beck, who seems to get more far-out the older he gets, yes, the inventiveness/creativity factor does seem to decrease with age.....as does practically everything else for most humans, unfortunately...

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