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Worst song in musical history

Daisy McLintock

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To each his own, but I wouldn't file "More Than Words" under the "Worst Song In Musical History." While I'm not a big fan of "Loving You", by Minnie Ripperton, it's not the 'worst song' for me either.
Re; Minnie - It's the worst song, Marv - It's definitely the worst.
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You know, I have absolutely no recollection of what "Reason To Try" even sounds like.

I remember being in Houston, in the middle of the Dirty Dancing Tour. I got a call from Don Ienner saying he needed me to go to L.A. and record some song for Arista's "Olympics" album. I was bummed out, because I was really exhausted, and we were actually going to be in Houston for THREE WHOLE DAYS! I think that's the longest stay we had anywhere on the whole tour. But, you don't say "No" to Don, so I packed my bag like a good little soldier and got on the next flight for L.A.

When the plane landed in L.A., I went directly from the airport to the studio, where Michael Lloyd was already running the track down with the musicians. All I remember about the session is that Matt Sorum was the drummer. I basically walked in, said "hi" to everyone and went to my hotel room.

I got up the next day, drove to Michael Lloyds house, sang the vocal, went back to the hotel, packed my bag, went back to the airport and flew back to Houston, just in time to get ready to leave with the tour for the next city.

The only trace of me on that record is my voice. I had nothing to do with anything else. If someone put a gun to my head, and told me to sing one line from that song, I'd be a dead man.

I think I might have to vote with Marvin on "Seasons In The Sun." How that even got on the radio, let alone became a hit, is a complete mystery to me.

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