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Ringo just wants to be left alone?

Tim From Wisconsin

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Sorry folks...but for the last year, we have seen him coming off as 'bitter' or a 'grumpy old man' more than just today.

1. In April, he pissed off Liverpudlians by dissing his hometown on national TV in the UK.

2. In June, he walked off the set of 'Regis & Kelly' when attempting to promote 'Liverpool 8', over 'creative differences'.

3. In his myspace cross-interview with Ben Harpur, it's a tradition to exchange gifts between the stars interviewing each other. Ben gave Ringo an antique snare drum that he had owend since childhood. Ringo gave Ben a plastic bracelet that had his CD on a computer chip. Ooooooh.

4. Now this.

No, I don't "blame" him for wanting to ride out his life in peace, after the thousands of times he's signed his name (even though I don't own anything with his name on it).

But jeez louise, he could express it completely differently....showing a little more gratitude to the people who loved him, and for the fans who bought Beatle records that paid for his rehabs and lavish lifestyle.

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Yes, fans(of sports, acting, music, etc.) can certainly bombard someone with an overwhelming amount of mail. Plus the fact that the autograph business has gotten out of control, is disgusting.

But I think Ringo could have used a bit more tact. I remember, when "Charlie's Angels" was one of the top TV shows. The girls would get bombarded by mail....and Kate Jackson had thousands of cards made up stating she appreciates the mail, but regrets that she cannot answer every letter personally.

Simple, to the point, firm---but without being rude about it.

Now, to be "Devil's Advocate", and look at the other side of the coin.....perhaps Ringo has a perverse plan to get people to notice him and his work more. After all, we live in a world where bad behaviour is the best form of publicity.

After all, it works for Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, rappers and a bunch of marinally talented actors.....

Just two schools of thought, here....

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And now comes this latest news item (from wmgk.com news) concerning a loving fan encounter with Mr. Peace and Love:

Ringo Starr had a run-in with an overzealous fan on Sunday night (November 9th) in Monaco after accepting the prestigious Diamond award on behalf of the Beatles at the World Music Awards. Mirror.co.uk reported that the Beatle drummer clashed with a starstruck fan, with an eyewitness explaining, "A middle-aged woman ran over and threw her arms around him, almost knocking him over. Ringo was a bit shocked, he just wanted to get away. After he shouted at her she looked absolutely stunned, but he just walked away." Allheadline news.com reported that Starr was heard to scream at the woman, "Get off me. F*** off!"

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